Yo-Yo Test sufficient to Include players into the Primary XI

 . Last updated on November 20, 2017, 2:38 PM
Yo-Yo Test sufficient to Include players into the Primary XI
Per reports players like Lokesh Rahul, Manish Pandey and Yuzvendra Chahal passed the test with exceptional scores.

Per new guidelines of BCCI, India players are to go through a fitness Test to enter the set of international players. Named as the Yo-Yo Test, it raised eyebrows when cricketers like Yuvraj Singh, Washington Sundar, and Suresh Raina could not pass the test. The Test is being held in National Cricket Academy in Bengaluru. While Ashish Nehra, who recently bid adieu to all form of international cricket, passed the test.

The plan of the current set up came up with the intentions of Kohli and Ravi Shastri to ensure fitness of players. Earlier, under Anil Kumble, to enter the international team, players required to participate in two Test matches. Currently, it was confirmed by Shastri that passing the Yo-Yo Test is enough. This test is made mandatory by BCCI for players.

It was found that several players breezed through the Test with exceptional fitness. Players like Manish Pandey, Yuzvendra Chahal and Lokesh Rahul are in this category. While Virat Kohli reached the score of 21 easily. The test, reportedly, is also an assessment of mental toughness in addition to physical fitness. Technique and stamina are the focus of the test. Per Dinesh Karthick, currently the test parameters are “pretty achievable.” He said, anybody who puts a bit of effort can clear it. Per the player, the process gets tough after reaching the 17.5 mark.

The board used Beep Test since 2009, before replacing it with the Yo-Yo. In this test player run through three cones at put at five meters and 20 meters apart. Between the cones, one has to run the distance of 20 meters and walk the distance of 5 meters repeating the process under a fixed time. As the process start, the time lapse is increased gradually with each round. Accordingly, the player must increase the speed of running as well as walking to finish the task on time. The test is divided to two parts, Yo-Yo Test 1 and Yo-Yo Test 2. In Test 1, players are required to start running at 12 kmph, while, in the second type, the stipulated speed to start is 13 Kmph.


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