World T20 in Next Phase: England fights New Zealand while West Indies challenges India in semis

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World T20 in Next Phase: England fights New Zealand while West Indies challenges India in semis

Finally the group matches forwarded their undefeated crowns for the next show of World T20 tournament. England, New Zealand, India and West Indies will tryout their faiths to the World Cup finale that is following shortly after just a matter of weak. While New Zealand, remaining the undisputed team in Group matches is warming up its hotshots in the nets, England is straining its muscles for the fight. On the other side the India squad, who has lost only to New Zealand is awaiting to faceoff West Indies, who defeated England in the group match.

New Zealand has been the most agile team this season customizing their built to contrive winning spells. In Nagpur, the team rightly brought up the spinners trapping India for an embarrassing defeat while posing pace bowlers against Australia in Dharamshala. The team, so far, is through correct decisions over pitch quality to topple other contenders. In the slow pitch of Eden Garden, Williamson again used the spinner spell to send Bangladesh home. Although the Kiwis has little experience over India's pitch in the shorter format, their theoretical knowledge is bringing practical accomplishments. Bowling has been their primary armor with a strong batting option defending the victories.

Nevertheless, England has recovered to be stronger since the setback against West Indies. The victory chasing 230 against South Africa is the sharp testimony to this. The chase meant that the team has one of the best batting options down the line, which certainly has the potential to destroy any bowling spell. This might create a havoc against New Zealand, as the Delhi ground is far more balanced than Nagpur or Kolkata. It would be a point to contemplate Kane Williamson’s alchemy to strike Eion Morgan's batsmen in Firoz Shah Kotla. Not only have the batsmen, the bowlers as well stole matches for England. Bowlers did their part to hammer Afghanistan at the same ground, while they meticulously punctured the Sri Lankan order to reach the semis berth. The squad’s experience of two matches in the stadium could bring down troubles for the Kiwis.

India, one of the fiercest contender, has already achieved some of the rare feats in group matches. The team has only lost to New Zealand so far. The defeat was primarily due to success of spinners in the notoriously slow pitch of Jamtha. The batting line strengthened by players like Virat Kohli, who emerged as a nightmare even for the best bowlers of Australia. The lineup has the potential to pose great challenges or to chase huge runs. The bowling attack, on the other hand, is critical enough to capsize any batting strategy. India, presently, is with a convoluted spell of spin, orthodox bowling and pace deliveries. The fight against West Indies will be an interesting encounter.

The Indies squad has a tenacious batting order. With batsmen like Chris Gayle and AB de Villiers, the team can led India's attack futile. The squad toppled England in the first match with a six wicket victory posing its tough batting stance. The seven wicket victory against Sri Lanka also corroborates the fact. In the campaign against India their stance to withstand the bowling attack will be a substantial bet. Indies might pose strong challenge against India pulling in grave pressure for Indian chasers. On the flipside, if the Dhoni Squad does not pose a tremendous score, Sammy & Co. would leave no stones unturned to reap the advantage.


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