“Women cricket has still a lot of catch up to do.”- Mithali Raj

 . Last updated on June 23, 2017, 12:26 PM
“Women cricket has still a lot of catch up to do.”- Mithali Raj
Indian skipper Mithali Raj is among the top ODI women cricketers in ICC Ranking.

Per India Women captain Mithali Raj, both Man and Women cricket has their own bars. Women’s cricket should not be compared with that of their male counterparts. Terming men players as “very hard taskmasters” Raj said, men’s cricket sets the bar for women cricket. Women player always try to reach the standard set by Men. The captain believes, at some point of time, women cricket will reach the standard of men’s cricket at some point. Raj also stated that women cricketers are also being coached by male cricketers.

Raj believes players representing any country should get the “best of the best.” She said, women coach can prove themselves as good as their male counterparts. However, the captain emphasized that to reach the highest level, a “tough taskmaster” is needed. She said, women players should really put in the intensity in their training session so that “they carry out to the main tournament.” Raj pointed out that women cricketers does not get equal publicity like their male counterparts.

The comment broke down when a journalist asked Mithali Raj who was her favorite male cricketer between India and Pakistan. To this question, the captain responded in a sharp manner. She asked the reporter back, "Do you ask the same question to a male cricketer? Do you ask them who their favorite female cricketer is?" She commented, "I have always been asked who's your favorite cricketer but you should ask them who their favorite female cricketer is."

About popularity of women’s game format, Raj said, there is a lot of difference between Men and Women Cricket because the latter is not that popular. She said they are not regular on television. She pinpointed, women cricket as well as cricketers has still a lot of catch-up to do in terms of recognition. In fact, it is only recently BCCI has tried to televise the last two home series. She also said, “social media has improved a lot of it.”


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