Women Cricket, Cricketers, and History

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Women Cricket, Cricketers, and History

The Indian women cricket team has made up its mark as one of the top international squads. Although the team has a short history, it broke through the top leagues. The players have reached many milestones in women cricket history and are on the way to bring more accolades. The popularity of Women Cricket is gradually growing, but it has not catch up those heights of the Men's Team. The typical slowness in the game in contrasts to Men's cricket, low scores and lack of actions might be the lacunas on the way to its popularity. However, it should not be forgotten that even Men's cricket now and those from decades back are incomparable. Men's cricket too went through the phases of evolution and development before, which Women cricket is going through now. It is also witnessed that women cricket is transforming faster, turning more competitive with each tournament.

There are few highlights, which can offer a new perspective to women cricket, especially on India's note. India joined the International women cricket league quite late. In India, it took 40 years since the first women cricket match to start. The first women's cricket match was played in 1934. It was the first test match between England Women Team and that of Australia's. The three-day test match was played in Brisbane, when the England team toured Australia. In the test, England women won by 9 wickets. India Women played the first test in 1976. The match was played in Bangalore when the West Indies team touring India. It was a six-match series and the first test was a draw. West Indies scored 274 and 175 batting for two innings, while India knocked 269 in the first inning and 30 in the second.

In India's history of Women Cricket, Anjum Chopra tops the batting list and Neetu David in bowling. Chopra had a batting average of 30.44 in Test and 33.4 in ODI. These are among the best figures in her times. She is also the first women player to score an ODI century. She was a key player in several tournaments like the Asia Cup. For her achievements in the game, she was awarded the prestigious Arjuna Award. It is the highest award for any sportsperson in India. She was also honored with the Padma Shri Award. On the other hand, Neetu David set a world record with her bowling performance. In an inning against England at Jamshedpur in 1995, she knocked 8 wickets giving out 53 runs.

Presently, in ICC ranking, Mithali Raj is ranked third in the top batswomen list. She was the captain of the team until mid-2016, when the baton was passed on to Harmanpreet Kaur. Raj is among the most capable players of the India Women team. She has scored 5407 runs in ODI and 663 in Tests. In T20 her tally is 1635. Jhulan Goswami is the top ranked ICC bowler presently. She is the highest wicket taker with the figures 177 ODI wickets, 40 in Tests and 49 in T20 Internationals.

Women cricket is another dimension of the game and it is catching up with the male counterparts gradually. With the emergence of T20Is it became more popular. The franchisee leagues like BBL Women is a major boost for the game. Team India is playing Asia Cup tournament in Bangkok at present and has continued its dominance over other Asian teams.


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