Williamson applauds IPL 2018 final winners, says Watson played “very good cricket”

 . Last updated on June 28, 2018, 2:25 PM
Williamson applauds IPL 2018 final winners, says Watson played “very good cricket”
Kane Williamson, Sunrisers’ striker praises Shane Watson’s capacity to handle pressure.

The final between Chennai Super Kings and Sunrisers Hyderabad involved intensive situations, but it was the soaring agility of the former that avoided a cats and dogs situation at Wankhede. Dhoni’s team seemed to play with a watertight strategy becoming the IPL 2018 final winners. They restricted an ‘out of control’ score in the first inning creating tough overs in the first half. The bowlers were successful to break any partnership in Sunrisers before they emerged as a threatening one. The powerplay was sluggish, getting out less than 80 runs in first 10 overs. In the next 10 overs, the middle order and the lower order successfully pulled out several strong scores, which finally build up the target.

It was piece of “very good cricket” off Chennai Super Kings, the IPL 2018 final winners. Kane Williamson rightly mentioned it saying CSK’s batting was in this term. The batsman believes that the target they posed was “competitive”, but apparently, bowling backfired on the team. Bhuvneshwar Kumar, the bowler who built a reputation against Shane Watson in previous matches, failed to shake his strike. While, Rashid Khan, who delivered strongly in early matches went wicketless in final game. The bowlers pulled out some “moments of pressure” in the match, but Super Kings were able to tackle them with strong batting performance.

Watson took most of his runs off the young bowlers, while the attack off Rashid Khan and Siddarth Kaul was adequate. Both the teams had string bowlers, but Sunrisers had the special ones. Khan and Kaul were the top wicket takers of IPL 2018 following Andrew Tye. Both of them finished with 21 wickets each. While, Bhuvneshwar Kumar maintained a strong economy of 7.66. These stats leave no room for any skepticism on bowler’s performance in the final match, an exact reason for Williamson to think that Hyderabad bowlers operated “huge” on the surface of Wankhede.

Per Williamson, the chase could have taken “a very different shape” if they were able to pick up some wickets when the run rate was soaring in the chase. He said, Watson put Sunrisers on pressure. He said, Watson responded to Sunrises’ beautifully, when the latter tried to do the same. In the first 10 overs, Watson played both Kumar and Khan with a careful strike thumping average runs. It was his vigilance not to lose wicket that played the successful part.

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