Will BCCI start off its Next Inning?

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Will BCCI start off its Next Inning?
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The Lodha Penal suggested a heap of changes that are to be implemented in the cricket administration of the nation. If realized, they would incur a facelift that could make the present BCCI barely recognizable. The proposals pinpointed towards the primary structure of the cricket board will inflict radical changes and bringing a whole new corporate paradigm as that of Australia. The Lodha Committee did the best to fulfill its objectives, which was to make cricket administration in the nation transparent and immaculate.

Lodha Panel was articulated by the Supreme Court following corruption rows over IPL. R.M. Lodha, Ashok Bhan and R.V. Raveendran comprised the panel that submitted the report to 'Reform' Cricket. The 300 page report of the Committee intent to seal the loopholes in the current system. Now, all eyes are on BCCI, as its stand on the recommendations is imperative for its execution.

It is apparent that aligning itself with the Lodha Panel will be a suicidal take for BCCI. The eight and half decade year old foundation on which the board rests today will be replaced by a stronger structure. The board has organized a special general body meeting that will comprise of its full, associate and affiliate members to discuss over Lodha recommendations. The Apex Court has set a time frame of a month starting from February 4 to provide its 'point of view' on the report. Following the developments, it seems that the Board would have to accept the changes without creating much fuss over it. As implied by Supreme Court, BCCI's approach to the report will be limited only to observations. If the observations are heavier enough to out weight some recommendations, the court might take further actions. However, there are fewer possibilities for this. Majority of full members of the Board has submitted their view points on the report and others are expected to follow soon.

Among various recommendations, the report would also restrict commercials to some extent. According to the Lodha Report, broadcasters will be permitted to advertise commercials only in time of drinks, lunch and tea. The practice is followed internationally and only Indian cricket fans has to deal with TV commercials while watching live cricket videos. The report also dictated that there would be no banners or sponsor logos would be displayed on the screen dedicating the entire space to the game. Such arrangements are irksome for BCCI as tie ups with media houses and private entities is a top revenue earner for the Board. BCCI presently earns 43 Cr. from as single Test, which will be reduced to the paltry amount of 6 Cr. following the proposals.

The Board previously, expressed its concerns against most of the proposals. Now, the disagreements shrunk to the issues like revenue earning and commercials. It is expected that the undertakings of the Board would make it walk along the avenue paved by a judicial frame to reform cricket in India. Following the suggestions would certainly mean a start off for BCCI to its next inning. The inning which would be more accountable and forthright, bringing better cricket to the fraternity.


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