Why Virat Kohli was angry at Umpire Anil Chaudhary

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Why Virat Kohli was angry at Umpire Anil Chaudhary
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It was a high-pressure match for both the Royal Challengers and Gujarat Lions as the victory was decisive to take the team in the finale of the grand tournament. Had it been an easy day for the Challengers, Kohli might not act in fury, that too, against an umpire. But, it was a do or die occasion for the team as they hang on the thin but crucial cords to win the match.

It was the first IPL qualifier of the season where Gujarat Lions batted first to scratch out 158 runs. It was tough for the team as the Challengers had an excellent grip over the pitch as well as the field. Lions’ batsmen toppled one after another. However, in the next stretch, Royal Challengers faced the most embarrassing inning of the season so far, with its influential players, including Kohli returning with no runs. The captain had his first duck of the tournament where he has been the fiercest knocker in earlier matches.

The team could not even cross 30 in the power play while losing four wickets. The pressure was enormous. The only bet that emerged unbeaten in the game was AB de Villiers, who was playing on the last mile as a one man army. If he was contained, the match would have been certainly on the hands of Lions. In this point, Stuart Binny came to bat as the seventh batsmen down the line. The team required more than hundred to win with paltry batsmen, who are in fact, the bowlers to play.

Binny, partnering with AB de Villiers show a thin ray of hope as he begun to strike some runs, although flicking with the wicket. He smashed a six and two boundaries breaking the pertinent impasse in the inning; while de Villiers steered his wicket. At this point, Jadeja came to bowl in the tenth over. The first three balls were normal with singles to the tally. The next ball, the fourth in the over, drew out the jinx.

As Jadeja delivered the slow off-spell, Binny tried to a leg side sweep which he missed. It was a desperate attempt to cope up with the pressure and the ball struck high on his pad. As usual, Jadeja appealed and umpire Anil Chaudhury, surprisingly declared an lbw. It was followed by high drama both in the field and off the field. It was clearly a disappointing decision on the part of the umpire as it clearly appeared to be an error. Moreover, replays confirmed that the ball actually hit the Pad outside the off stamp.

The incident sparked quite a fury in the field with Virat Kohli, RCB Captain, landing on the field to approach umpire Chaudhary. It was of course, not appropriate for the player to retort back at the decision, because, in cricket, umpire’s decision is always regarded undisputed. The decision prevailed in the match despite the furor, and it is now uncertain, how the board would react to Kohli’s attitude. However, it is up to the cricket fraternity and fans to spare a thought on the incident and align up themselves with the player or the Rules of the Law, even if sometimes, they are erroneous.


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