Why latest Cricket News about Root is a Challenge for England?

 . Last updated on February 14, 2017, 4:31 PM
Why latest Cricket News about Root is a Challenge for England?
It would be interesting to know how Joe Root will steer the test team. But the fraternity will have to wait for at-least five months for it.

After Alastair Cook decided to step down as the test captain of the English side, the new captain Joe Root now have a great responsibility of steering the team into the right direction. Although Root was meant to take the helm of the team, being the young vice-captain, it came as a cracking cricket news for the fraternity. With it, several challenges are now posing against team England. The approach of the player, being just 26 years old, his form and his position in the batting line up are the aspects that are emerging as questions for the team. Above all, the upcoming series for England are against strong teams like Australia and South Africa, which will determine the beginning of the player’s captainship career.

Root’s experience as captain has been bleak so far. He was the vice-captain of the team, under his senior mate Alastair. Even if Cook was to pose several victories during his tenure, Root’s role as a vice-captain always had little to do. Moreover, the player did not see good victories throughout his tenure. So far, Root is unable to show up intriguing decisions in match that turned as winning strategies. For instance, the 2015 match in Mumbai, where Cook was absent, could have been handled better. Furthermore, his lead roles in county cricket being the skipper of Yorkshire is also bleak.

Lest his role as the test vice-captain, Root has been a top striker in the team. He also had serious disruption in his form in test matches leading to his drop of an Ashes season couple of years back. The drop, however, made him tougher and his batting attitude changed a lot since his comeback. It has been a trend that cricketers with designations such as captain has always been strike with low form. Good examples are the likes of MS Dhoni to Hasim Amla. The latter regained his form after surrendering captaincy. Thus, if Root is struck with similar fate, it would certainly have a dig in the team. However, it may be expected that Cook will regain his form by being without any designation.

In overall, it is highly logical to assume that change of captainship will not render great changes in Team England. But, it is also true that any conclusion at this point will be too early. Additionally, Root along with the cricket fraternity must wait for about five months to witness his captainship in next test fixture of the team. The point is, there is much time for the team work and built up a strong formation for the next strike.


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