West Indies confident to slog India in series decider

 . Last updated on July 6, 2017, 4:25 PM
West Indies confident to slog India in series decider
In the fourth match, MS Dhoni knocked one of the slowest ODI 50.

50 overs cricket is definitely though a massive overhaul. Pakistan nicked Champions Trophy off teams like India, South Africa, and England. South Africa, returned midway, England could not enter finals and India lost it to Pakistan. The way Pakistan won would have not created a furor if they were not the last team in ICC ODI chart. South Africa, the top squad, did not even enter semi-finals. After the Champions tournament defeat, India headed out to West Indies for another ODI series. West Indies was not even in Champions Trophy list, while India was the finalist. The series comprised of five ODI matches. India was expected to clinch the series without much trouble, but West Indies pulled out the game into the last ODI of the tour.

The fifth ODI between India and West Indies turned out as the series decider. The first was washout, the second was won by India, the third was won again by India but West Indies stole the fourth match. If the host win this last game, it will be a 2-2 for both the teams, leveling the series at draw. This would mean a feat for West Indies. If India does not win the ODI series, it would also confirm the ongoing overhaul in ODI format.

In the last match, the fourth ODI, West Indies scored only 189 leaving it as the target of India. However, the team defended the score slogging India’s batting lineup in an exemplary way. There were the slowest stretches of batting, which did not help the visitors to win, even if it kept the wickets intact, at least to play 50 overs, until the end.

For West Indies players, the fourth match brought immense hopes as well as confidence. Kesrick Williams expressed even if West Indies is a young team, it feels a lot better to prove India’s dominance wrong. MS Dhoni, who is considered as one of the best finishers could not deliver the victory after a record slow batting. This is certainly a high-point for Indies.


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