“We are going to be unemployed come July 1,” says David Warner

 . Last updated on June 5, 2017, 2:21 PM
“We are going to be unemployed come July 1,” says David Warner
The Aussie vice-captain said his team is focused on winning the Champions Trophy despite internal issues.

The MoU between Cricket Australia and Australian Cricketers Association will expire on June 30. The fate of contracted players will depend on further negotiations between the parties. If there are no solution, the cricketers might also become jobless as indicated earlier by CA. On this backdrop, the upcoming tournaments for Australia, especially, the Ashes may go haywire.

Vice-captain David Warner expressed quite firmly the possibilities of players being absent from summer’s Ashes tournament if the dispute does not settle. Warner said, he “stick firm behind” the cause and if players are unemployed with no contract, they just cannot play. He said, he would “love to see something happen between now and July 1.” The vice-captain is sure about “some form of an agreement.”

Earlier Warner commented CA might not have a team for the Ashes, if they do not soften their attitude towards players. The dispute started with the board proposing to scrap the existent fixed revenue percentage pay model. The player had to face some criticism for his comment on the light his extravagant lifestyle. However, Warner said he wanted to ensure no separation of pay between domestic and international player. He accepted he has a “verbal stance” and it is to stick up with all players. He said, the players stand for fair share and equality. The top cricketers said he “don’t take any notice” of what has been written and “people have their own opinion and they can have those opinions.”

“We are going to be unemployed come July 1,” Warner said. This is the reason, the players will “have to wait and see and play it out from there.” But he backed the certainty of a palpable solution and an agreement. Australian players supported the ACA fully right from day one and Warner believes they are doing a great job for cricketers. Warner added, CA is “being using the media as a voice.” The vice-captain confirmed that team Australia is focused on winning despite all issues.


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