Wagner's Unusual Run Out was per the Law

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Wagner's Unusual Run Out was per the Law
Neil Wagner was run out scoring 26 in the first inning.
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New Zealand won the second Test with Bangladesh in Christchurch. The 9-wicket win was hefty, but the match witnessed an unusual run out. The instance in the first inning could be easily interpreted as a fault if the rules of cricket are not followed closely. Neil Wagner was run out despite having grounded his bat before the keeper touched the bails with the ball. The decision by the third umpire was indeed correct per the new set of rules followed since October 2010. While running into the crease, Wagner did not drag the bat to pass the crease, but he lifted it at the point when the bails were struck. Neither his bat nor his feat did touch the ground just before the bails fell. Nurul Hassan was quick enough to strike the blow before Wagner could touch the ground with his feet.

Law 29(batsman out of his ground) states that an out is considered were the batsman is out of his ground unless the bat or some part of the body is grounded behind the propping crease at that end. However, the rule was revised to a more concrete one when in October 2010, the new laws were brought forth. The new rules state that "if a running batsman, having grounded some part of his foot behind the popping crease, continues running further towards the wicket at that end and beyond, then any subsequent total loss of contact with the ground of both his person and his bat during his continuing forward momentum shall not be interpreted as being out of his ground."

In the last match, Wagner was run out because his foot was yet to ground when the bails came off. New Zealand replayed the first inning score of Bangladesh making the visitors trail by the second inning. Bangladesh batted first to score 289, to which New Zealand replied with a knock of 354. In the second inning, Bangladesh scored 173 and New Zealand won the match batting their second inning for 111 runs. New Zealand won the two-match series with 2-0 against the visitors. There was no play on the third day of the match due to bad weather.


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