Virat Kohli tops among Highest Paid Indian Celebrities for Brand Endorsement

 . Last updated on March 31, 2017, 2:40 PM
Virat Kohli tops among Highest Paid Indian Celebrities for Brand Endorsement
India Captain Virat Kohli in a PepsiCo ad.

Captain Virat Kohli became one of the highest charging celebrity in the country as he increased his endorsement fee to Rupees 5 Crore a day. It is, in fact, highest among Indian celebrities. The 28 years old cricketer has increased his fees for new contracts. This has put him in the league of international sport stars. Earlier, his fee was between rupees 2.5 Crore to 4 Crore for a day. The latest hike came up with the renewal of his deal with PepsiCo. The cricketer was unsure about the renewal contract following instances of colas incurring health issues. PepsiCo renegotiated the contract increasing the endorsement fee of the player.

As reported by two PepsiCo officials, the hike in endorsement fee has surpassed that of MS Dhoni’s top fees. Also, Kohli has surpassed the charges of Bollywood stars like Ranveer Singh and Ranbir Kapoor. The officials wanted to remain confidential. Meanwhile, the agency that represent Kohli, Cornerstone Sport, declined to comment on the report. The company is optimistic about the deal. Bunty Sajdeh, CEO of Cornerstone Sport said the player’s contract with PepsiCo will end on April 30 and they are on the process of negotiation of the new contract. Sajdeh termed PepsiCo’s contract as the “longest and most fruitful association” and is hopeful on collaboration with the company for the years to come.

On the other hand, a PepsiCo spokesperson confirmed the contract with Virat Kohli is “up for renewal” and discussions are being made for the same. He said PepsiCo is looking forward to “continue a long and meaningful association with him.” Generally, celebrities sign contracts with brands for two to four days in a year. On these particular days, celebrities act in commercials, meet fans and appear at events. They even meet the media on behalf of the company and interact with its employees.


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