Virat Kohli prepares for Champions Trophy campaign after dismaying IPL season

 . Last updated on May 29, 2017, 2:38 PM
Virat Kohli prepares for Champions Trophy campaign after dismaying IPL season
Virat Kohli scored good runs in IPL, but his team could win only three matches this season.

Virat Kohli had a dismaying IPL season. His team Royal Challengers Bangalore finished last on the point chart. The team had some of the best players, but it failed to find the most effective compatible players. Kohli scored 308 runs in 10 matches himself. The figures are not that dim, but there were some serious drawbacks in the team which could win only three matches in the entire season. For Kohli, it is ironic. The player has been the skipper of the most successful Test team with back to back victories since a year in the longest format. But when it came down to lead an IPL squad, he failed horribly.

As mistakes can make men learn a lot, Virat Kohli said the tournament taught him many things. It made him realize it is not possible to do everything in every game. He said as human being there are limitations and there are needs “to take a backward step.” He termed the season as “bizarre.” Kohli acknowledged the need of learning and he thinks he is fortunate to have such kind of experience. He said, it teaches a lot as a captain. He said there are lot of take away from failures and it is something that he cherishes.

In 2014 season, Kohli scored only 134 playing at home against England. He said the current Champions Trophy has become a “life or death kind of series.” He said if players don’t do well in India and they go back, there is no real hype, but if his team does not do well away from India, “it’s like knife hanging on your neck.” He added, his motivation is only to keep on winning games for India and it does not depend on any condition. He said the aim is always to win games and he is willing to do whatever he can.

The captain pointed out some biggest challenges for the upcoming Champions Trophy. He thinks not to think about the fact that the team is not defending the title is a challenge. India won the 2013 season of Champions Trophy. He summed it up as the opening partnerships and the bowling from Ravindra Jadeja and Ravichandra Ashwin.


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