Virat Kohli in a colorful blend of stardom and aggression

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Virat Kohli in a colorful blend of stardom and aggression

Although, cricket is a gentlemen’s game, aggression was a part of it since before. Any sport is about passion and the intensive zeal to win making it natural for players to turn out of proportion. In the context of aggression, new generation cricketers are adding more fuel to the fire. The heat, however, is not always harmful, producing interesting turns and twists for cricket lovers. Such an aggressive player who occupies the headlines often both with his excellent records and hard-headed responses is Virat Kohli, the team India captain. Apart from his batting strikes, his love and marriage with Bollywood celebrity Anushka Sharma too makes serious stories in popular media.

Cummins’ comment was taken as a challenge for Virat Kohli. (Source: CA)

Cummins’ comment was taken as a challenge for Virat Kohli (Source: CA)

Cummins leant a lesson

Against such backdrop, any comment related to Virat Kohli becomes a wildfire in his fan base. As he has large number of followers, such incidences gain easy traction. Recently, Pat Cummings, the Australian pacer made a comment in the interview. The interview was held ahead of the upcoming tour of India to Australia. The bowler was quoted saying “My brave, bold prediction; I’d say I think Virat Kohli is not going to get a hundred…” This comment set almost a wild fire as Social Media and news bombarded with cross questions and sarcasm.

Latter, the bowler almost took back his words saying it was only a “wishful thinking”. The bowler accepted that he was “surprise by the traction” he got on the comment made on Kohli. In fact, his attitude seemed more as a challenge to the super striker. Cummins further cleared the air saying he was “just trying to pay him a huge compliment and say that my big wish list for the summer was he doesn’t score a hundred.”

Australian players have been always big fans of Indian cricket and vice versa. Brett Lee, the former fast bowler of Australia also was on spotlight for his aggressive celebration after taking wickets against India. But, he turned out to be one of most famous fan of Bollywood, even going to the extent of making a Hindi movie and act on it. Apparently, no opponents can have a lasting hurt feeling specially in a game like cricket.

 Anushka Sharma is the ambassador of “Swachh Bharat Mission”, the cleanliness drive by PM Modi

Anushka Sharma is the ambassador of “Swachh Bharat Mission”, the cleanliness drive by PM Modi

Bringing out the odds of fame

Anushka Sharma, the famous Bollywood celebrity, Virat Kohli’s wife, is also entangled in news often. In a recent incidence, the batsman posted a video where Anushka was seen rebuking a person for throwing a plastic wrapper. The couple was travelling in a car. Apparently, they pulled over to confront the person in the other car. This incident, however, did not end up with Virat Kohli posting the video. It, in fact, started from here. The video became viral on social media and there were mixed responses from millions of users.

While the couple was trying out a campaign for Clean India on their own style, many prominent persons took it as an arrogant and impolite behavior. They had to face a good deal of lashing out including a harsh reply from Arhan Singh, whom Anushka called out in the video. Singh’s mother lashed out at the couple for violating basic right to privacy. Sharma is the ambassador for ‘Swachh Bharat’, the PM mission for Clean India.

Virat Kohli’s saga continues relentlessly both on and off field. He is now the most successful captain after MS Dhoni for India. With years ahead in his career, Kohli will certainly reach high milestones with the pace he is playing now. As a batman, his aggression has made team India win unbeatable stretches. As a family guy, he is a stylish husband and as a celebrity he is bold enough to speak his mind.

Kohli never hesitates to smile for his fans and sign an autograph

Kohli never hesitates to smile for his fans and sign an autograph

A generous cricketer

In several matches, Virat Kohli’s aggression caught good attention of umpires and match referees, which fetched him a number of demerit points and fines. But, he was never entangled in any maligned attitude towards the game like ball tempering, which has stained many notable cricketers. The captain only seems a bit quirky in handling aggression and swearing by his fellow opponents at play. In contrast to his aggressive nature while on field, Kohli is among the most generous celebrity batsmen in the sport. While his team mates are seen apathetic towards fans waiting for autographs, especially after a match, Kohli is seen signing and clicking selfies for fans. Even if fatigue is clearly apparent on his face, he never abandons the smile for fans. Such a man is Kohli, an honest and passionate lover of his profession and fan.

For Kohli, his father, Prem Kohli, is the strongest inspiration

For Kohli, his father, Prem Kohli, is the strongest inspiration

“It was so difficult to keep him quite”—said Kohli’s childhood cricket trainer

Kohli has a great advantage; It is his age. He is 29 years old now with years of cricket ahead. In this age, only a few cricketers are able to reach the records he notched. He was born in 1988, November, in Delhi. He picked up the bat at the age of three making his father bowl at him. Prem Kohli, this father, was a criminal lawyer. His mother is Saroj Kohli. Virat is the youngest among three siblings, with an older brother and an older sister. He was raised in Uttam Nagar, starting schooling at Vishal Bharti Public School. Seeing his passion for cricket as a kid, neighbors pressed on his father to let him join a professional club, rather than playing Gully cricket.

His father took him to West Delhi Cricket Academy in 1998, at the age of 9. He was among the first intake of the academy. Rajkumar Sharma, one of his trainers in the academy one said, “it was so difficult to keep him quiet. He was a natural in whatever he did…” Sharma was most impressed with his attitude. Kohli was so dedicated that the trainer had to push him home after the training sessions. Because he used to play until late with no sign of leaving.

Kohli did his early schooling at Vishal Bharti Public School. His school teachers still remember him was as “a bright and alert child”. Kohli lost his father at a young age in December of 2006. In an interview, Kohli described about his early life, saying, he has “seen a lot in life”, from losing his father, family business not doing well and staying at a rented place, he passed through many tough times. For Kohli, his father was the biggest support, driving him to practice every day.

 There very less cricketers who is as successful as Kohli in all the three formats

There very less cricketers who is as successful as Kohli in all the three formats

The career of a star

The cricketer started playing for Delhi as a young player. Before even debuting first-class, he played as the captain of India Under-19 team. He also led team to victory in 2008 Under 19 World Cup in Malaysia. He debuted ODI for India against Sri Lanka at the age of 19. By 2011 World Cup, Kohli established himself as one of the prominent batsmen in team India as an ODI specialist. In 2013, he became the top ODI batsman in ICC ranking. In the same year, Kohli debuted Test cricket. During ICC World T20 2014 and in 2016, the batsman won Man of the Tournament. In 2014, he became the top ICC batsman in T20I. The player was in the position for three consecutive years. In 2017, he also became again became the top ODI batsman. In Test, he is second.

In Test format, his highest score is 243, in ODI, it is 183, while in T20I, it is an unbeaten 90. Although, he is among the best batsmen in the shortest format, he has not scored a single century in T20I.

Forbes listed Kohli as the 83rd richest athlete in the World

Forbes listed Kohli as the 83rd richest athlete in the World

One of the richest cricketers

With such an impressive career; full of records and achievements, Kohli is now at the best of his times and is it is getting better for the India captain. At present his net worth is USD 60 million or 382 crore rupees. He is one of highest paid celebrity for brand endorsement in the country. He has partnered with brands like Puma, Pepsi, Audi and Oakley.  In their latest list of richest athletes, Forbes put Virat Kohli at 83rd position with an earning of USD 24 million. Virat Kohli is also among the most popular sportsmen in the world. He has more than 25 million followers in Twitter. As a couple, combined net worth of Virat and Anushka will reaches more than 1000 Crore by 2019.

As a batsman, Virat Kohli has reached any milestone. He is India’s fastest centurion in ODI, nicking a 100 in 52 balls. He is the fastest Indian player to reach 9000 ODI runs and the fastest in world to aggregate 15,000 runs in international cricket. He has several accolades in batting records making him the greatest batsman in current times. The batsman wears jersey number 18. It is in memory of his late father, who passed on 18th of December. He once said that getting 18 number jersey was a luck and he feels as if his father is still with him while batting.

Kohli is an interesting personality both on field and off field. He is a bit superstitious wearing black wristbands or using the same pair of gloves that helps him to score. The India captain also wears a kara, a bracelet made of steel as well as a religious black thread. A passionate and sensitive person, Kohli does not bother to remain inside out with his emotions. It is passion for the game that turns out as aggression, and his aggression has a substantial effect in his flying stardom.

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