VCA Vice-president compares Ranji hero Rajneesh Gurbani to Bhuvneshwar Kumar

 . Last updated on December 22, 2017, 1:26 PM
VCA Vice-president compares Ranji hero Rajneesh Gurbani to Bhuvneshwar Kumar
Rajneesh Gurbani finished with seven wickets in the final inning against Karnataka, becoming the match-winner.

Rajneesh Gurbani became an overnight sensation hauling Vidarbha to their maiden Ranji final this season. It was the greatest of all in his career as a cricketer until now, a seven-wicket haul in semi-final of the tournament against the eighth-time champion, Karnataka. The player certainly created a history for his team. Until the final day, the player bowled 49 overs in the innings combined.

Gurbani, in the after-match interview said what he went through, apart from pushing his physical limits. The night before the last day, the player was so anxious that he “woke up at 12:30 am, thinking it was 6”. The player had a well-balanced and constantly maintained form throughout the match, even if there was intense tug-o-war between the teams.

For the last day, his approach was just to go and get the match. He got ready at 6 am ‘for the first time’. He “wanted the match to start then and there and finish the whole thing off”. Gurbani disclosed his nerves got worst on field, which forced him to change angles. It was his in-depth understanding of techniques that enabled him to maintain a consistent line and length. He dismantled Karnataka almost single handedly, taking down the key wickets.

Prasant Vaidya, Vice-president of Vidarbha Cricket Association, said Gurbani has improved on several verticals. He pointed out that the bowler can move the ball both ways, which is his prime ensemble against batsman. Vaidya compared him with Bhuvneshwar Kumar.

The bowler was particularly lethal with his outswing deliveries. He could skid the ball and ground condition came up as a huge assistance at play. The bowler credited his success to Chandrakant Pandit and Subroto Bannerjee. He said the coaches supported him well introducing new skills. He said Pandit used to make him bowl at one spot entire day. The match-winner said, it was such simulation that helped him to master his deliveries.


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