Umar Akmal entangled in match-fixing fray for failure to report

 . Last updated on July 6, 2018, 4:30 PM
Umar Akmal entangled in match-fixing fray for failure to report
Pakistani batsman Umar Akmal disclosed in a TV interview that he was approached by match fixtures in World Cup 2015.

Umar Akmal found himself in murky water after an interview with a TV channel. In the interview, the player was seen disclosing a controversial incident of an attempt of match-fixing. He said that during World Cup 2015, he was offered USD 200,000 to “leave two balls alone”, in the first match of Pakistan against India. The player also disclosed that he is offered in general to drop himself from matches against India. Akmal made it clear that his intensions are clear and warned them not to approach him again, remarking he is very sincere about playing for his nation.

However, ICC’s anticorruption mandate does not only include actions against match fixing, but also a failure to report any activity or attempt to tarnish the game is a punishable offence. Akmal, apparently did not report any of these incidences he disclosed at the interview. This becomes a punishable offence under ICC as well as PCB’s anti-corruption rules. It was only in 2014, when Akmal reported an approach in the series against England.

In the interview, the Pakistani batsman said, “I had got an offer during the World Cup to leave two balls alone and they were willing to pay me $200,000 for that”. He also added, “…in fact, every match I play against India, they offer me money to make some excuse and opt out of the game.” He defended himself saying, “but I have told those people that I am very sincere about playing for Pakistan and to not talk to me on this topic ever again.”

As the interview surfaced, Pakistan Cricket Board asked him to meet the board’s anti-corruption unit. PCB will interview the player is on June 27. Meanwhile, ICC is also becoming stern against the incident. An official commented that ICC is aware of the interview. The official said that there is no evidence of any match-fixing in the mentioned match, saying “there is no suggestion that any ‘fix’ actually took place.” He said, ICC is in fact, reliant on player to report such approaches and Akmal’s comments are being taken very seriously.

Lately, Umar Akmal was marred in several controversies. In 2017 Champions Trophy, he failed in two fitness tests. In September, the same year, he was fined 1 million Pakistani rupees for public outburst against coach Mickey Arthur.


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