Top 5 records in Test Cricket

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Top 5 records in Test Cricket

Test Cricket is considered as the most standard form of cricket and it is also the longest format of the game. Test cricket has unique rules and has no limits in overs or bowling, hence, its contrasts with other formats. Since the first International Test match between England and Australia in March of 1877, the journey so far has been an interesting one with a number of records.

Lately, Test playing nations have increased the frequency of matches with an objective to bring out the commercial aspect of the game as it is in shorter format like T20. With this emphasis, the previous records in the format might be overhauled bringing on new milestones for Test teams and cricketers. Let's have a walk through the top five records in Test Cricket.

1. The Greatest Wins: The Greatest victory by innings in Test format was nicked by England playing against Australia. England won by innings and 579 runs in the famous Oval in London. In the match, played back in 1938, England scored 903 on the 7th day while Australia could only make 201 and 123 playing for two innings. The greatest victory by runs is also from England against the same team, Australia. The Test match was played in 1928-29 in Brisbane. England won the Test by 675 runs. In the match, the visitors scored 521 and 342 runs, batting two innings while Australia were all out for 122 and only 66 in the innings.

2. The batsman with highest runs: The batsmen with the highest run in Test format is Sachin Tendulkar. Playing a total of 329 innings Tendulkar scored 15, 921 runs in Test. The next batsmen close to him lag by more than 2000 runs. It is former Australian Captain Ricky Ponting, who has a tally of 13, 378 runs. However, he has played less innings than Tendulkar flexing his muscles in only 287 innings. Also, the player wrapped up his Test career a year before than Tendulkar.

3. The Bowler with highest Wickets: Muttiah Muralitharan is the highest individual wicket taker in Test. The Sri Lanka player had a total of 800 wickets playing 133 matches. He has an average of 22.72 in the format. He took 8 years 224 days for the record. The player with the next highest number of wickets is Shane Warne with the number 708. He played 145 matches with an average of 25.41.

4. The best fielder with most Catches in Test: Former Captain of India, Rahul Dravid has taken most of the catches in the format. He played 164 Tests to take 210 catches. The next player in the lists with 205 catches is Mahela Jayawardene of Sri Lanka. He played 149 matches in his test career.

5. Highest Partnerships: The highest partnership in Test so far has been the stretch bringing 624 runs between Kumar Sangakkara and Mahela Jayawardene against South Africa. The Test match was played in Sri Lanka, the player's home ground in 2006. It was the third wicket partnership where Sangakkara made 287 runs and Jayawardene scored 374. The next highest partnership record is also from Sri Lankan players which was back in 1997. In the match against India, Sanath Jayasuriya and Roshan Mahanama scored 576 runs in one their home ground.


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