Three Weird Occurrences in Cricket

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Three Weird Occurrences in Cricket

Apart from records that bring up goosebumps and make cricket strange, there are also instances that are weird enough to be remembered. These circumstances make cricket interesting as well as awesome, as they come out as surprising events and occasions. Here we have compiled three top instances that make cricket interesting.

Bee Attacks

Bees, Wasps and other such pest have become a part of cricket game for a number of times. It is, however, unexpected and unfortunate when playerss have to share the ground with these notorious crews. It first happened in the month of June 1962, when player had to hide in dressing rooms. The match between Oxfordshire and Worcestershire witnessed the worst of its kind and a beekeeper was summoned to rescue the players. Next, it was in 1981 in Bangalore. In the match, six players along with the umpire were hospitalized being stung by bees. The match was abandoned. The latest Bee attack was in December 2007, in the Test Match between Sri Lanka and England at the Asgiriya Stadium. All the players laid down flat on the ground, guided by the umpire until the swarm flew away.
Charity Matches

Sometimes in the years in 1850s or 1860s, a number of unusual cricket matches were played for charity. A reporter in 1862 described one of such matches as a "painfully wonderful and ludicrously horrible." The charity matches were played between a team of One Legged Players and the team of One Armed Players. They were the veterans of the Crimean War, who played to raise money for their own cause. It is reported that most of these matches were won by the One Legged Teams.

Location Matters

Location of matches has been a point of attraction in cricket. In 2014, a match was played at 5752 feet above sea level. It was held on a crater near Mount Kilimanjaro. Earlier, a group of British played a match near the base camp of Mount Everest. It was at 5165 meters altitude. The participants walked 9 days from the base camp to play the match. There are records of cricket being played under water, over frozen lakes, glaciers and ice hockey rings. The matches at Antartic Circle are thrilling enough to take the spaces on daily headlines. In this context, the Bramble Bank is famous. It is a temporary sandbar off the South Coast of England where cricket matches are played every year as the island appear. The surface is clogged with seawater and players wear galoshes to play. Goodwin Sands was in news for an unfortunate cricket catastrophe as the crew was caught in a tide causing a loss of millions of dollars.


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