Three Big Takeaways from Nidahas Trophy

 . Last updated on March 20, 2018, 12:18 PM
Three Big Takeaways from Nidahas Trophy
Players like Dinesh Karthik and Washington Sundar demonstrated big players are not a big requirement for success of international tournaments.

The Trination T20 series involving India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka ended on a much exciting note than it began. Although, India squad was only with half of its top international choices, the other two were with their best. As most of the players like Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni, Ajinkya Rahane, Jasprit Bumrah and Hardik Pandya were rested for the tournament, it was almost with half the excitement when it began, at least in India. However, as the series proceeded ahead, the excitement augmented leaving no difference. The squad thumped victory proving their dominance in the subcontinent moving ahead of Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

The tournament was with exciting matches that displayed brilliance of cricketers from all the three nations. Best part of it was the sheer contest right from the first match to the last. In its conclusion certain pinpoints came out as key takeaways of the game.

First, Nidahas trophy has the potential to grow as a big tournament in South Asia. Although, it is dominant as a Tri-nation series, it can still accommodate more teams like Pakistan, Afghanistan as well as budding Nepal. The recent tournament was a big success with supporters and fans from two nations gathered in Sri Lanka.

An imperative feature was the home crowd in the final match between India and Bangladesh. Sri Lankan fans supported India with an open heart, clearly apparent in their unisons of roaring cheers. Thus, it is certain that Sri Lankan fans would not hesitate to accommodate more teams in future.

Second, tournaments can be successful even without big cricketers, if big teams are involved. This was the case especially with India. As highlighted earlier, India played with several new players. Its T20I specialists were replaced with players from domestic as well as the A team.

But the matches turned out as stunning games where players like Washington Sundar, Shardul Thakur, Mayank Pandey and more importantly, Dinesh Karthik, established themselves as big names. While Karthik became the next prominent finisher to MS Dhoni, Sundar picked up Player of the Tournament award with a brilliant all-rounder performance.

The concluding takeaway is more about the global issue of player’s attitude and on-field aggression. Demonstration of on-field aggression is raising as the next big concern in international cricket. In this tournament, Bangladesh players Shakib Al Hasan and Nurul Hasan were handed a demerit point each by ICC.

There were also dressing room incidences that escalated to the point of threatening to pull away from the tournament. These incidences came up against the backdrop of the ongoing Test series between Australia and South Africa, which is almost marred with several incidents of improper conducts by players.


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