“There will be no players to broad the plane”- Warner

 . Last updated on June 19, 2017, 3:57 PM
“There will be no players to broad the plane”- Warner
David Warner, Aussie Vice Captain, has been vocal against Cricket Australia since the beginning of the pay dispute.

Both Cricket Australia and Cricketers of the country will be though a crisis if the pay impasse is not tackled. The current MoU between CA and players has less than two weeks to expire. If there are no re-negotiations, Australian cricketers might find themselves unemployed, as the CA CEO previously mentioned. However, there is little or nearly no progress on talks between Cricket Australia and Australian Cricketers Association, representing the players. The dispute is over the fixed revenue percentage that players want to stay and the board wants to scrap.

In midst of such contention, the solidarity of each player is intact on the stand. Since the beginning of the dispute Australian Vice Captain David Warner backed Cricketers Association. Players have been opposing the fixed wage model as proposed by Cricket Australia. Warner lately indicated the stance of players to go unemployed if it happens so after the MoU expires. Per the vice-captain, even the top players are willing to become unemployed if the situation calls for it. The CA earlier proposed that the top players from both Men and Women team will be offered pay on the previous model. The change will be only for the rest. But Warner being the vice-captain of the team, and obviously a top player denied the proposal once in for all.

Meanwhile ACA is ready to reduce players share from about 26% to 22.5% in the current revenue sharing model. The Association wants more money to go to grassroot levels and women cricketers, but they do not want to “budge from the revenue sharing model.” The cricketer’s association has been demanding “equality, and a fair share for domestic and female players.” Cricket Australia has also approached individual players offering them contracts. But the players have “knocked them back.”

David Warner said, domestic players have backed international players earlier. He added, he himself was a domestic player and “a young kid coming through.” He said they are doing the same as they did for them earlier, standing by each other’s side. Australia is scheduled for Bangladesh tour in August. But Warner said, if the pay dispute is not resolved, there would be no players even to board the plane for the series.


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