The woes of High Ravindra Jadeja

 . Last updated on August 14, 2017, 9:41 AM
The woes of High Ravindra Jadeja
Ravindra Jadeja threw a ball on Dimuth Karunaratne in the second Test at Colombo.

Ravindra Jadeja, the top India bowler, was handed two presents on the second Test at Colombo. While he reached several feats after the Test, the bowler also had something to repent after the match. He was suspended from the next Test or the last test of the series, which is scheduled to start by August 12 at Palleke. The reason, he breached an ICC Code of Conduct and earned four demerit points. In the test, he bowled as a decisive attacker and while batting, he remained unbeaten with a hefty half century. He scaled the top all-rounder position in ICC Test Ranking while becoming the top bowler in the format. For his strong stance, he was called the ‘precious’ by captain Virat Kohli. But his woes were yet to come.

In the second test, he hurled a ball on the direction of Dimuth Karunaratne, which missed the batsman narrowly. It brought down the penalty on Jadeja, did not hesitate to accept the sanction. It was a lesson for the bowler, but it was only a dead rubber for the visiting team. The series is already on India’s side. However, it was a momentary lapse of reason for the player who lost his composure without much reason. Also, the match officials could have ignored the incident. Additionally, the player could have opposed the move of sanction against him.

Previously, James Anderson of England hast to face three demerit points for running on the pitch in Indore. Such punitive actions are helpful to mend cricketers to keep up the spirit of the game. India skipper, Virat Kohli said players try to create difficult situations for batsmen to get out. He said, Jadeja has achieved with both his bat and the ball. The captain asked people to understand the situations and the amount of strength and hard work it takes.


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