The Top Two Wickets in Test History

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The Top Two Wickets in Test History
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Anantha Narayan in his blog on the top test wickets is cricket history came up with an ingenuine idea of ranking the top dismissals in the format. The cricket expert selected the numbers per their impact on the game. He, with Milind Pandit went through in-depth analysis of multiple factors while judging out the outcomes. Accurate figures, information and historical data were considered to assist the projection. The status of the matches under scrutiny were carefully matched throughout the sessions while working out on the wickets. Aspects like innings, partnerships and other relevant figures were studied. Following the analysis, several instances in test history were found out. The top wickets two test wickets, that came up as the discovery are as follows:

The wicket of McDermott in the second inning of the fourth test between Australia and West Indies in the year 1993. It was in the Frank Worrell Trophy, the match where West Indies won by a single run. In the match played in Adelaide, it was the last wicket of the last inning that led West Indies to save the series by 2-1 just at the threshold. The match followed three previous tests, where both the teams had a victory and shared a high score draw. The gravity was strong for both the sides.

By the last inning in the fourth day, Australia was trailing West Indies by 186. The inning was poor for the home team, as they began to lose the top wickets. The figures plummeted to 102 for 8. At this point, there was a ninth wicket partnership from Justin Langer and Tin May for 42 runs. But Langer was dismissed and was followed by Craig McDermott. May and the 10th wicket McDermott reduced the figure to 184 for 9 adding 40 runs together. Australia's winning percentage raised to 86.7, but right at that moment Courtney Walsh dismissed McDermont. The player was caught by Junior Murray leaving Australia stranded right behind the victory. The wicket came out as the most impactful in test history.

The second test dismissal is also from a match between Australia and West Indies, but separated by decades. It was played back in 1960 in Brisbane where the match ended with a tie. The run out of Allen Davidson changed the whole scenario of the match taking down Australia from a winning change of 91.2% to a draw. It was the second inning of Australia in the last day chasing a score of 233. The team had a disappointing start losing five wickets for 57. They lost the next wicket on 92, but the next stretch was followed by a 134-run partnership from Richie Benaud and Davidson. The score reached 226 for 6 completely turning the match towards Australia. The team required 7 runs to win with four wickets in hand. However, the end met an ugly fate when Davidson was run out at 80 struck with the direct hit from Joe Solomon. Still the team had a good chance to win, but they three wickets for just four runs.

These instances prove the fact that anything and happen in cricket anytime. It is where the beauty of the game lies.


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