The Shifting Dynamics of Women Cricket

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The Shifting Dynamics of Women Cricket
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A similar excitement is building up as in that of earlier instances in the wake of Women’s T20 World Cup. As the grand tournament is at hand, Women teams are getting ready following series tours and fierce fights on cricket grounds. Australia still remains the crowned winner of Women Cricket bagging three consecutive victories in T20 Women’s World Cup. Equipped with cricketers like Meg Lanning and the all-rounder Ellyse Perry, the team continued its winning streak until it was jolted by the series defeat from India. But, it might be only a history repeating itself for the Aussies, as back in 2012 and 2014, before the World Cup tournaments, the team lost to England and New Zealand respectively, in a similar fashion.


T20 Women World cup cricket latest news are yet to crack. In the upcoming tournament, the possibilities of teams like India are emerging as a tough bet for Australia. Although the last series win by the Women Team of the country was for the first time, Indian batsmen and bowlers appeared rugged against Australians. Young cricketer like Smriti Mandhana shattering Aussie bowling attacks implies a shift of dynamics in the world of Women Cricket. The strike by India was by far stronger than that of England and New Zealand years back. The wake of the Indian Women team has substantial significance.


Australia has already started WBBL, the Women version of Big Bash League. This has triggered the new era of women’s cricket with an undertone of competitive and attractive stance as that of Men Cricket. As indicated by Indian Women Skipper Mithali Raj, the Australia Tour was imperative for India, as it could make the call of Women IPL stronger among the fraternity. WIPL, the Indian counterpart of WBBL, will be an extensive facelift for Women Cricket in the country.


T20 World Cup for Men, in contrast to Women format is much competitive with different winner each time. Women Cricket also will have to follow a competitive stance as that of their counterparts. Australia, New Zealand and England are top undisputed teams in International Women Cricket and addition of India to the bandwagon is gradual. It is notable that the team has achieved some milestones like defeating England in Test in back in August 2014 and others.


Women cricket is becoming more challenging than before. It is, in fact, not only India who has augmented their might. There are other teams like South Africa and Sri Lanka that are successful to gain considerable traction. In the recent ODI series with England, South Africa’s players posed a strong opposition, Sri Lanka, back in 2013 T20 World Cup did notched a victory against England and so on. These instances hold significance because, years back such news would have been far-fetched. It is a good tiding for women cricket as a whole.


To materialize a notable change to transform Women Cricket as a balanced arena, the supremacy of Australia should be taken down. This would need better competition in the sphere and more forthcoming teams like India, South Africa and Sri Lanka. The wave is off course towards the change with these teams bringing up tough challenges to the top squads. However, the conclusion can be only drawn as the world cup tournament will progress.


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