The selector's enigma for the Father-Son Lehmanns

 . Last updated on November 14, 2017, 10:08 AM
The selector's enigma for the Father-Son Lehmanns
Darren Lehmann is the coach of Australian Team is the father of Jake Lehmann, the first-class bowler.

Darren Lehmann, will not sit in the selectors panel if the task on discussing the prospect of Jake Lehman emerges in the board. The selection panel of Australia will finalize the team for Ashes soon, and the disciplinary protocol will be followed to ensure any conflict of interest does not rise. The senior Lehmann also prefers to stay away from the panel if his son’s name come up for selection. He said, he would be nervous anyways and “probably go to a bar” last year, when the situation raised. Such a situation also happened in case of England’s Alec Stewart.

Back in 1989, when Alec Steward joined the international team, his father, Micky Stewart was the team manager. The cricket confessed that his father “almost took” the surname or relationship off the question of selection. He said, there was open discussion on the issue. In England, it is claimed there is a well-established system for such situations. Alec said Micky was his father at home, but while at play, he was a strict coach or a manager. He also said, the player never called his father “dad” when working. He spoke about how they manage a very strict and professional relationship despite being father and son.

The case of Jake Lehmann is similar to that of Alec. The player might be considered for selection of the upcoming Ashes, if he can prove his form in the Sheffield Shield match. Furthermore, as a director of Surrey Cricket, Alec is acquainted better with Jake. The former is expected some to a conclusion that is impartial and without an iota of conflict of interest. Also, the way England handled Micky and Alex can offer an imprint to handle the situation between the Lehmann’s. Alec Stewart said only the real question marks should be looked and he sees some of them in the Australia’s side.



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