The fall of Mugabe near Harare Sports Club

 . Last updated on June 25, 2018, 4:00 PM
The fall of Mugabe near Harare Sports Club
Heath Streak, Zimbabwe coach, said the military coup as pleasant.

 The recent Zimbabwe military coup was like none other. It was perhaps the most peaceful takeover of a government by military of a country. Among others, the Harare Sports Club is also a witness of the ‘smooth’ transition of power in Zimbabwe. The club is at spotlight because it is located is just next door to State House, the official resident of ex-president Robert Mugabe. In the morning of November 15, when armored vehicles roared down the highways of Harare, two domestic teams were preparing for a match in Harare Sports Club. It was the fourth day of Logan Cup, between Mountaineers and Rising Stars. The play was off only due to the weather.

The night before, there were news about the military coup in social media. There was no certainty of the event. But as players saw a military vehicle in front of the parliament, the perception became clearer confirming the eruptions in social media. Still players confirmed it was quite a peaceful one. The schools were open, and people were taking their children to school at that morning. The morning was quite but driving was not restricted. Harare was completely peaceful. The takeover was so sharp that Zimbabweans did not even know about the biggest change in their country, perhaps in their lifetimes. There were armies on the street, but there were not an iota of violence or aggression.

Ahead of the match at Harare Sports Club, it was communicated to officials to work from home. Players arrived at the stadium opening the changing rooms themselves. Even the umpire or the match referee were not certain if the match should go on. The match did not take place and players were all fine. Heath Streak, Zimbabwe Coach said, no players were affected. He said the transition was in fact, “very pleasant.” The Army was cordial, and the process was carried out peacefully. Streak said, even if there was heavy military presence in airport they were “friendly and pleasant.”

Mugabe’s end was imminent. Three days after the coup, on November 18, people gathered in Harare and Bulawayo to celebrate their victory over the tyrant leader. There were tanks on the streets, but people were singing, dancing, and laughing with pride and happiness. Mugabe’s banner and signposts were removed amidst victory slogans for people and the army. The official residence of Mugabe near Harare Sports Club is expecting someone worthy after 37 years. The change in the administration is expected to bring a change in the country’s cricket club, cricket, and players as well.



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