Tendulkar finds Better Solution for Creation of top International Players

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Tendulkar finds Better Solution for Creation of top International Players

Domestic seasons has been always a breeding ground for international cricketers. Home tournaments like Ranji Trophy and the famous IPL has been catering towards creation of good international players on the likes of Jasprit Bumrah and Cheteshwar Pujara. However, the hindrances or the technical difficulties in the process are still not under the radar of our specialists even if they are known since long. Lately, master blaster Sachin Tendulkar came up with a new idea to do away with a major lacuna.

The domestic pitches are limited to local ground conditions. Although, India is a large country with cricket grounds and pitches scattered over diverse geographic conditions, it cannot par with diversities in those of international pitches. For instance, the pitches in Australia are considered highly contrasting with those of India. While Australia's grounds are known for its fast pitches, most Indian pitches are slow. Thus, players from the domestic circuit introduced into such foreign pitches finds a stumbling-block on the ground itself. The damage is both for bowlers and batsmen. Tendulkar suggested an effective solution to the problem. His idea is to introduce Indian players to pitch variations. He said that every Ranji Trophy game should be played on two different pitches. Per the top international cricketer, it would prepare domestic players better for overseas assignments.

Tendulkar said that by varying the conditions, players will be exposed into bigger challenges. He suggested that bilateral test series could be made more engaging with back-to-back home-and-away rubbers. This will equalize the strength of both the teams. Tendulkar thought a lot about the neutral venues in Ranji Trophy this season and expressed his idea at a recent meet in Delhi. He proposed the idea at Hindustan Times Leadership Summit. His suggestion can bring radical changes into the team.

The top player said that while playing in countries like Australia, New Zealand, West Indies and South Africa, Kookaburra balls are used. These balls swing early and they can be of massive difficulty for young Ranji players. In domestic circuits, SG Test balls are used and they behave quite different to Kookaburras. To do away with this difference, Tendulkar suggested that the first innings of the Ranji Tournament should be played on green top with Kookaburra balls. This will be challenging for openers and make them learn to adapt. Even spin bowlers will face the difficulty and will learn to play in diverse conditions.

As suggested by Tendulkar, there should be a pitch adjacent to the green top. This should be played with the normal SG Test balls. The practice will expose batsmen against quality spin bowling and offer bowlers a better chance. Tendulkar said that Indian players are more focused on pace bowling while playing overseas. The approach needs a change and players must focus on spin attacks too. The play on two different pitches will have no impact on the toss factor. Tendulkar is well known for his ingenuity and subtle intuitiveness on the game.


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