Team USA boosts up with new Players for International Campaigns

 . Last updated on March 24, 2017, 12:35 PM
Team USA boosts up with new Players for International Campaigns
Team USA is boosting up its stance training at several camps with new players for international campaigns.

USA is preparing for ICC World Cricket League Division Three under coach Pubudu Dassanayake. The league will set off in May 23 in Uganda. Per the coach, team USA should revamp its middle order. He is expecting to fill the lineup with players like Ibrahim Khaleel, Camilus Alexander and Roy Silva, who arrived from the first-class circuit of the country.

The coach said the team has been struggling in Division Four and it must stop such issue while batting in 50 overs format. Most of the players in the team are from T20 circuit and they are finding it difficult to match up with the requirement of 50 overs format. The coach said the players are being struggling to spend time in the longer format.

Coach Dassanayake is confident on the next campaign in Uganda. He said the three new players who are included in the team are top class players and would help to build the middle order. He was talking about Khaleel, Alexander and Silva. Another player who is camping in Texas is Nosthush Kenjige. He is a top bowler and has knocked eight wickets in three trail matches. Players like Nicholas Standford, Steven Taylor and Akeem Dodson happened to be on his wicket list so far. Kenjige spend his early life in India playing cricket in Karnataka system. Recently, he fulfilled the citizenship criteria to play alongside the USA team.

Dssanayake is trying to build a “cricketing culture.” He spoke fine about the bowler stating he would help to attain good standards. He said, lately the player has improved fast and he is going to be a big asset for the team in future. There are more training camps planned for USA. For April 6 to 9, the squad is scheduled to camp in Houston. From the camp, a total of final 14 players are selected to tour South Africa and Uganda in May.


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