T20 Leagues might become mainstream for Australian cricketers, says ACA Chief

 . Last updated on May 29, 2017, 11:56 AM
T20 Leagues might become mainstream for Australian cricketers, says ACA Chief
Australian cricketers are on high demand in any League T20 tournament.

As if the tussle between Australian Cricketers’ Association and Cricket Australia has met a deadlock. There has been no development on the way to an amicable discussion on the issue. In its latest argument, ACA, the cricketer’s association warned the cricket board if they cannot attract players will adequate financial allowances, there might be a mass exodus to T20 Leagues around the globe from the countries cricket circuit.

Franchises League cricket tournament has become a second lifeline for cricketers all over the world, which offers professional opportunities. There are also players who have skipped national duties for franchisees cricket. A good example is Dwayne Smith, the Caribbean cricketer, who has been a top choice for any T20 league tournament including the PSL.

ACA cited no examples, but they have posed a strong probability of Australian cricketers actively participating in T20 League tournaments away from home. On June 30, the existing MoU between Cricket Australia and ACA will expire and the disagreements are supposed to continue between the two parties. CA wants to move into a new model of financial distribution among players, while, ACA wants to continue with the ongoing set up.

David Warner even warned if such situation continues, the upcoming Ashes tournament might be at stake with players abandoning the game. On the other side, CEO of Cricket Australia was also adamant to keep up the challenge. He went to the point of remarking that players might find themselves unemployed if they fail to comply with the new set of rules.

There are also reports that some clubs in nations like England are getting ready to rope in Australian players into their domestic tournament. As many cricket playing nations are coming up with their own T20 leagues Australian players has a good demand in such overseas tournaments. Meanwhile, ACA Chief said such reports are “unsurprising” because “times has changed” and Australian “cricketers are in high demand for more money all over the world.” He said forcing Australian cricketers to unemployment is an open invitation to international world.


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