Priyanka is not only Suresh Raina’s wife, she is the Captain of his Life

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Priyanka is not only Suresh Raina’s wife, she is the Captain of his Life

Priyanka Chaudhary Raina, Suresh Raina’s wife, is a social worker and an entrepreneur

Priyanka Chaudhary was an IT professional working in a bank in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Daughter of Tejpal Chaudhary and Sushila Devi Chaudhary, Priyanka added a new identity on April 3, 2015. She married Suresh Raina, the team India striker, playing in the middle order. It was a sweet arranged marriage, although both of them knew each other since long. Raina’s mother and Priyanka’s parents shared an old friendship since their childhood. Also, Tejpal Chaudhary and Raina’s father were colleagues. This bond of friendship finally turned into the family tie as Priyanka Chaudhary became Suresh Raina’s wife.

Raina, as a top cricketer of India, remains busy touring with his domestic and international team. While, Priyanka was busy with her job in Amsterdam. Well, it is logical; affair like love is not that easy in busy lives. But their families have been staying in the same campus of Muradnagar, Ghaziabad. This is how marriages are made in heaven and the best of relationships flourish. For Suresh and Priyanka, it is a perfect marriage. Their daughter, Gracia, is almost a year old now.

Priyanka Chaudhary - Suresh Raina Wife is involved in charity works. She is well experienced in IT industry, working with several reputed organization like Wipro and Accenture, before launching herself in Amsterdam. She worked as a senior software tester for ING, a reputed finance company. However, it was just the preview of her career as well as life. After her marriage with Suresh Raina, they have been influencing each other strongly. While Raina made some strides into his career as a batsman, Priyanka set off a new journey.

The Gracia Raina Foundation is the NGO by Priyanka and Suresh Raina

The Gracia Raina Foundation is the NGO by Priyanka and Suresh Raina

Priyanka as an Entrepreneur and Social Activist

The couple decided to indulge in humanitarian activities soon after they were blessed with the baby. The name, Gracia Raina Foundation, shows how much the child means for the couple. The foundation is actively working to promote health and wellness in child and mother. Launched in May 2017, the organization creates awareness and work closely with mother and child, requiring help in both physical and mental development. The NGO also works to provide sustainable means of livelihood for mothers of children. Gracia Raina Foundation has been aiding pregnant women as well as their spouse. The primary areas of operation of the NGO are child education, maternal and child wellness, hospital on wheels and awareness events.

Although, Priyanka is not a celebrity like that of her husband, her profile and works couldn’t be hidden. In the early month of 2018, she launched her own FM Radio show with RED FM. Establishing herself as a proponent of human rights and feminism, she talks about the most relevant issues like girl child education, gender-based equality, courage. She also discusses about serious issues like domestic violence, acid attack, sexual harassment and taboos related to women.

Named ‘The Palna Project’, the talk show is a RED FM project and it is in collaboration with Gracia Raina Foundation. Under Priyanka, this show is taking a palpable form than just being an on-air initiative. The show brings on social activists to discuss their experiences. Priyanka, while launching the show, said, “people should know what is happening in the society and they should not walk away”. About the show, she said that its objective is to bring more awareness around these burning issues related to women. Plunging into social work, she has a holistic approach towards these topics.

Back then, she commented, the target audience of the show is not only women and children, it also includes men. Being a true feminist, she her message was, “…along with men, a lot of women mindsets too need to change”. Her commitment to the cause made her overcome tasks like coping up with Hindi easier.

Along with Priyanka, Suresh Raina is also getting involved in the former’s philanthropic activities. The cricket went to the extent of singing a song for the show. The cricketer said, if it is for their daughter, he will do it, as Priyanka insisted.

Priyanka Raina has turned into a full-time entrepreneur. She believes, women are great multitaskers, as they have to handle the family apart from their career and business. Mrs. Raina also maintains her own blog, on which, she writes about multiple topics related to women. Her portfolio as a social activist is old and it started before Gracia Raina Foundation. She was actively involved in several social initiatives related to women and children welfare, including Nanhi-Jaan, at PGI Chandigarh, Food Bank Network and Paalna. Back in 2017, November, she was featured in a TEDx speech organized by TEDxWhitefield of Bangalore.

The couple was in love after their marriage was fixed in a perfect family set up

The couple was in love after their marriage was fixed in a perfect family set up

When it’s Destiny, none can change it

Tejpal Singh, Priyanka’s father, was a sports coach in Ghaziabad. She was born in 1986 in Muradnagar of the city. They shared the same campus with that of Suresh Raina’s family, until moving to Punjab. She completed education in Technology and started working for IT firms until moving to Netherland. There was no chance for the duo to see each other as Raina has to travel a lot to play. However, destiny always come with its own way. In 2008, they met briefly at Delhi airport while Suresh was travelling to Bangalore and Priyanka was on the way to Amsterdam. The meeting was as brief as only five minutes!

The rendezvous had to be quite formal as they started talking as a couple only after the marriage was fixed in the early month of 2015. They began talking after the families decided to tie the nuptial bond. They married shortly after, in April of the same year. Priyanka continued her job in Amsterdam even after marriage. It was after Gracia was born, when she moved back from the country. Her return to India was important for the child.

This phase was the period for transformation. When she became a young mother, she grew more sensitive towards hardships of women. She thought about the underprivileged women who are still devoid of the basic necessities of life. This was when Gracia Raina Foundation had its inception and finally in 2017, May, the NGO was launched officially.

Suresh Raina is still one of the toughest players in T20 International team India

Suresh Raina is still one of the toughest players in T20 International team India

A changed Raina after fatherhood

In year 2015, when Suresh Raina married, he played in a single ODI series. It was the match against Australia in ODI format. After his marriage, in 2016, he was out from the T20 team, but finally made it out to the ODI team against New Zealand. Finally, he had a strong comeback against England in a T20 match in 2017. In the third match of the series, the batsman scored 63 runs in 45 balls. In the moment, Raina announced that he will be playing 2019 World Cup. His said, he dreams about knocking the winning shot in 2019 World Cup and India will be campaign against Pakistan or Australia.

After this enthusiasm, however, the player seems to get more inclined towards fatherhood. He tattooed Gracia’s name on his left forearm. On the month of March in 2017, BCCI missed his name from the list of contracted players. Per the Ranji Trophy coach during the time, Raina’s priorities changed. The Ranji coach called him a ‘reluctant cricketer’ getting more focused on family and business rather than the game.  In 2017, he played only three Ranji matches. He even skipped T20 International matches and ODIs. Raina lost his place in ODI and the Test team to young players. He himself is 32 years old now and many of his team mates has already left the game. He also failed in the Yo-Yo. But, his T20 performance is still hefty and strong.

In 2018, January, he played the T20 Series against South Africa. In the series, the player had an intensive performance. He was awarded Player of the Match in the decisive match for his knock of 43 runs off 24 balls. Raina won the match for India. He is still with the T20 team and played his recent match against England in the latest tour. In the series, he did not have much to do as, India had a strong performance in both bowling and batting.

Priyanka is apparently, the captain of Suresh Raina’s life

Priyanka is apparently, the captain of Suresh Raina’s life

Priyanka; the Captain of Suresh’s life

Suresh Raina is open about his feelings. He disclosed that Gracia’s birth was a new experience, back in 2017. The cricketer also said that he never thought about the feelings of being a father before. Raina said, his awareness grew after marriage with Priyanka. Her delivery of their child changed him, as he explained further.

Priyanka’s arrival in Raina’s life made him a family man. She supported him in every match he played. Especially in IPL, Priyanka rarely missed her husband’s play. Meanwhile, Suresh felt the spark of his family through their daughter. He confessed that after marriage people ‘go into a different shell’. For Suresh Raina, Priyanka is a very positive person and this fact is being helping him a lot. In 2017, Raina commented, he knows he has four or five more years of cricket. And Priyanka would support him on whatever he decides.

For Priyanka, Suresh Raina is definitely, the person she deserves. Because, it is only a person with a true heart who can comment, “I love my daughter, I love you (to his wife), I love my family, but I love to play cricket for my country”. This is Suresh Raina and his world of cricket and a lovely family. And Priyanka is apparently the captain of his life.

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