Supreme Court's hearing on Lodha Committee's report, BCCI plays State Association card

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Supreme Court's hearing on Lodha Committee's report, BCCI plays State Association card

Lodha Committee in its status report recommended that BCCI Office bearers are superseded by a new panel of administrators. The new administrators are supposed to implement the recommendations by the committee. In its hearing on the matter, the Supreme Court of India has reserved its order on Monday, it may be passed on the coming week. Gopal Subramanium stated that BCCI displayed a "consistent attitude of defiance" and emphasized the appointment of an administrator panel to supersede the existent BCCI administration. In defense, BCCI's counsel Kapil Sibal requested for more time from the court so that the board could persuade the state unit to accept the recommendation. Additionally, he attacked the Lodha Committee stating its stance beyond the original judgement of the court.

The Supreme Court responded that replacing the existent administration with a new one would be extreme and asked the panel to suggest any other methods. However, the court did not rule out the probabilities of the measure. A discussion was held to appoint a committee or an officer reporting to the Lodha Panel, instead of replacing the offices. Subramanium said that states that are unwilling to comply with the suggestions should be barred from receiving any funding and the office bearers who are not compatible with the recommendations should be immediately disqualified. He also urged that any contract by BCCI in future should be reviewed by the committee.

Senior Advocate Kapil Sibal responded that at least two third of BCCI members should support any constitutional changes in order to implement it. He said BCCI is finding some of the recommendations, "difficult to implement." Anurag Thakur, BCCI President, said that Lodha recommendations can be implemented only when three fourth of the board members, or the state associations, will support it. Thakur, seems to play the state association card as he said that the confusion now is more in state associations. Rules like one-state-one-vote policy, cooling off period, 70-year age Cap and nine-year cap on administrative careers are posed as the issues for state administrations.

Kapil Sibal highlighted that there are recommendations that cannot be implemented. He said that the Lodha committee has directed the BCCI on issues that were not part of the original judgement. There was also a good argument on Thakur's letter to ICC requesting for interference in the matter. Subramanium urged the court to consider using its power stating that he has "never seen anyone or any organization so stoically, disdainfully blocking a Supreme Court judgement."


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