Street Children break glass of Aussie Team Bus unknowingly

 . Last updated on September 5, 2017, 3:42 PM
Street Children break glass of Aussie Team Bus unknowingly
Team Australia is currently playing in Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Australia is currently on the Test tour to Bangladesh. In a recent incident, as reported, the bus that carries the team seems to have stone pelted. A glass window of the bus was broken and it is suspected that it might be caused by some stone thrown at the bus. It is also believed that the incident happened when the team was returning to the hotel on Monday evening. The Australia squad is currently now in Chittagong. Cricket Bangladesh has is reported to have taken the incident very seriously. The whole incident is under strict investigation. The authorities have also augmented the security in the route where the team travels.

As reported by Sean Carroll, the security manager of Team Australia, the window of the Australian Team bus was broken. The officer confirmed that no one in the team is in injured or harmed in the incident. The security personals and local authorities are investigating the cause, said Carroll. Presently, the match is being scheduled at Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium. The team bus might have been targeted on the way from the stadium to the hotel. Per the security manager, the authorities are taking the matter seriously, with positive effects on the security measure.

Carroll said, the Australian team is comfortable with the security so far. The team is also satisfied with the response of local authorities. He said, the security is increased after the incident. Bangladesh Cricket Board issued an official statement on the incident. The board said, it is taking the matter with "utmost seriousness." The board also mentioned that a high-powered committee is formed to investigate the matter. As reported, the incident might have occurred because of street children playing by the side of the road. They might have thrown objects unknowingly at the bus. Team Australia has resumed the match without any concern.


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