Stokes' street aggression caught on CCTV footage

 . Last updated on September 28, 2017, 2:34 PM
Stokes' street aggression caught on CCTV footage
A photo just before the incident appears as a mug shot of Ben Stokes, Alex Hales, Jake Ball and James Anderson, with Jake Knowles at the center.

Stokes was caught in a fresh fray over a fight in Bristol. The player was suspended from a match along with Alex Hales, who was in the incident. The all-rounder play was taken into police custody for a night and was released without any charges. Lately, a video footage has surfaced that captured the incident clearly. The footage was also viewed by ECB, which would assist the board to investigate the matter. Per an official of the board, the ongoing police investigation should be respected. He said the police will look into any evidence that helps to sort out the matter.

The video clearly shows Ben Stokes wreaking the punches to two persons outside the night club. The person who was punched appears to have a bottle on his hand. However, the aggression of Stokes in the incident was quite apparent. The two persons were definitely not trying to hurt, although there might be some verbal altercations. The video published by 'The Sun,' the London newspaper last for 52 seconds and is a CCTV footage. While Ben was punching his adversary, Alex Hales was seen trying to control the situation. Hales was trying to calm down the player.

Per Andrew Strauss, ECB director, the incident is unlikely to impact on Stokes' selection for the upcoming Ashes series. The player is the vice captain of the Test team. Strauss hopes the matter to settle by the end of the current series against West Indies. The disciplinary actions will be taken on the player, while might also include Alex Hales, James Anderson and Jake Ball. These players were with Stokes on that night the scuffle happened. Still Strauss feels the need of following disciplinary actions stating that such protocols comprise the condition of employment for players. Per police, Stokes might be prosecuted if his actions were not found as a self defense. Meanwhile, the video made the case stronger against the player.


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