Stokes and Hales suspended from fourth ODI against West Indies

 . Last updated on September 27, 2017, 11:56 AM
Stokes and Hales suspended from fourth ODI against West Indies
Ben is back with a bang outside a cricket match. The player was arrested for punching someones face.

In a bar scuffle Monday morning top cricketer Ben Stokes was a caught up injured. However, another person with facial injuries was transported to hospital. With Stokes' hand injured and taken to police station, the happenings in that bar is quite conceivable. The fight where Stokes showed up aggressive prowess was outside a night club named Mbargo. The message is, don't mess with the Dude who beats the balls out of boundary. Ben was with Alex Hales, his team mate, but possibly not an ally in the mischief.

Stokes was taken into custody to spend the night in prison. However, the international cricketer, on top of his form, was not charged of anything. Stokes, being an international cricketer cannot be drunk. While, it is not clear if the beaten chap was under the influence of intoxication. Stokes' case being released without a charge seems quite logical. The cricketer was arrested only under the suspicion inflicting bodily harm. Both Hales and Stokes missed the pre-match training at The Oval. The immediate result of the incident at the bar, both are suspended from the fourth ODI. ECB was quite sober at its statement that simply read, "Ben Stokes and Alex Hales will not be available for tomorrow's one-day."

The Ashes squad of England will be announced shortly and such incident ahead of it might bring troubles for Stokes. ECB director Andrew Strauss said he will address the incident officially after the practice. He said, ECB will launch its own investigation on the incident. He indicated, the selection will remain unaffected. It will be as planned and will go ahead based on form and fitness, as Strauss confirmed.

The player has a record of aggression. Stokes faced such actions earlier in 2012, 2013 and in 2014. He was arrested even before. In 2013, he was out from the team for late night drinking. Next during 2014 World T20, he punched a locker and broke his hand.


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