Sri Lanka woes: An outburst that should not have been

 . Last updated on August 31, 2017, 3:30 PM
Sri Lanka woes: An outburst that should not have been
A broken Lasith Malinga. The top player has a couple of years to go for retirement.

Lately, Sri Lanka hit a massive cricket crisis, even if it has not much to do with the performance of the team. The squad did not taste a win since almost a year, losing to team's like Zimbabwe and Bangladesh. This added more pressure to the situation. The incident at Pakelle in the third ODI was an out-lash not only on the team, but also at the state of cricket in the country. The win or loss in a match has everything to do with a team, but losing consecutive matches in a year exposes a weak management of the game as well. In such a situation, the resignation of the selection committee and its head, Sanath Jayasuriya, came out as a shot in the dark.

The recent losses of Sri Lanka against India were not that unanticipated. India is currently through its best form in the game. The team is transforming its ensemble of players from old folks to young guns. India is with a combination of experiences and tough striking power in both batting and bowling. This formation of the team has a lot to do with the management behind it. Although BCCI's top brass is through a tumultuous time, the management that deals with players directly is still intact securely.

However, from India's point of view, the victory over Sri Lanka is not of much to celebrate, given the condition that it lost to a team like Pakistan in the Champions Trophy final. This leaves the reason for a strong speculation that a team might stoop low on records but it can also reach the limitless. Pakistan, in the Champions Trophy, was the seventh team to as of ICC ODI ranking, but it came out as the winner of the Virtual World Cup. Moreover, the pathetic state of cricket in Pakistan that continue for more than half a decade after 2009 is not something that can be ignored. The revival of the team after such low ebbs in the game can be a classy example for Sri Lanka.

At this point of time, there is hardly a team that could challenge India in Test. Thanks to those tough endeavors of former coach Anil Kumble. But the team is not the best in limited formats. There are several reasons for Sri Lanka's defeat to India in the ODIs. One of the majors is the fitness of Sri Lankan players. The best bowlers as well as batsmen were injured in the preceding Test series leaving them out of the arena. Still Sri Lanka came up with tough challenges against India at least in bowling. There are reasons to speculate that if the ODI series was scheduled ahead of the Test, the results could have been different.

The recent victories of India have substantial contribution from MS Dhoni, who has been playing as the lower middle order batsmen in the series. The strategy of Virat Kohli, in this aspect, is also praiseworthy. In a nutshell, Sri Lanka cricket fans had no reasons to escalate the tension up to a point of riot in the stadium. The resignation of the selection committee too, could have been under better circumstances and in a better way. After all, Sri Lanka is a team that won several World Cups and has produced the best batsmen and bowlers in game.


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