Sri Lanka to India in a single T20

 . Last updated on September 6, 2017, 5:21 PM
Sri Lanka to India in a single T20
Pressure is high on Malinga. The bowler must show up some good games to substantiate his position.

For Sri Lanka, the only off beat T20, the last match in the series is the only hope to add a beacon of hope on their cricket stature. It is first time team Sri Lanka has hit such a rock bottom in its performance. It lost the Test Series, it lost the ODI series and more importantly, it did not win a single match in the last two Test and five ODIs in the series so far. Furthermore, Sri Lanka did not win in the previous five consecutive series before the current one. With such dismaying records, Sri Lanka does not seem to have any strong chance in this last fixture as well.

The only hope for Sri Lanka in this match is the 'not so good' form of India in the format. The team now has a formidable stature in Test, In ODI it is a bit less, but in T20, it seems India still need to find the perfect form. This could be a chance for the home team that has good experience of winning World Cups in the format. Players like Niroshan Dickwella and Lasith Malinga can emerged as the threat to India squad. India lost two of the four T20s it played at the latest. In contrast, Sri Lanka's record in the format is not that dismaying. The team won the series against Australia and South Africa. However, both these teams are through a low form. With Bangladesh, Sri Lanka had a series drawn.

India has now no lack of confidence and team Sri Lanka is almost bogged down. Its selector panel has resigned, the team faced out lashes from its fans on stadium, these incidences are enough to break the morale of any team. Facing the like of Jasprit Bumrah, Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli would require a makeover within their line up and combination of players. Also, Malinga must show up some prowess to substantiate his position in the team.


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