South Africa Players oppose 4-days Test format

 . Last updated on October 4, 2017, 2:38 PM
South Africa Players oppose 4-days Test format
South Africa captain Faf du Plessis said four days Test will make the game easier and take away the challenge off the format.

While ICC is trying to change the Test format from its 5-day venue to 4 days, some concerns from South Africa players surfaced lately. Also, it appears that Cricket South Africa did not consult the players regarding the change in the format. The board also scheduled a four-day test match between South Africa and Zimbabwe. The top players of the Test team including Faf du Plessis and Dean Elgar backed their support of five days format in opposition to the endeavor of CSA for four days matches. CSA pleaded ICC to provide Test status to the four-day match. Since the match between Zimbabwe and South Africa is already scheduled as a four-day match, the players assured participation if ICC approves the fixture.

Per captain Faf du Plessis, shrinking the Test format from five days top four days would take out the excitement and the specialty off the game. It would turn the format as an unchallenging one as it would "feel easier." He said, five days is challenging because bowlers should bowl lost more as well as batsmen should create long and impressive innings. Dean Elgar is quite straightforward in the approach. He said, as he is a five days specialist the player wants the format to stay. He said, he is a fan of five-day Test cricket. Per the player, the format would suffer if it is played as four-day game. He said, the nations like Australia, England as well as South Africa has good crowds and fans for Test format.

In fact, before CSA scheduled the four-day Test with Zimbabwe without any formal consultation with players. It is reported that CEO of CSA Haroon Lorgat discussed the issue informally while, the former coach Russell Domingo was still on his stint. However, it was discussed the final decision will be taken only after a meeting with South African Cricketers' Association. The meeting did not take place turning out as the bone of contention.


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