South Africa manager assures Team safety on England tour

 . Last updated on May 29, 2017, 12:48 PM
South Africa manager assures Team safety on England tour
Mohammed Moosajee, South Africa Team manager, condemned the attack as abhorrent and despicable.

In a globalized world, no incident goes without a repercussion, especially when it is related to life and security. Ahead of Champions trophy, Manchester was bombed at a popular pop show event. This put up a serious question of security in next big event England will host. The Champions trophy will have cricketers for eight top countries for a month-long campaign.

South Africa’s concern of security threat of players is certainly a reasonable outcome. However, lately, team manager Mohammed Moosajee said they are given sufficient reassurance about security. This could be the adequate measures to remain conformable throughout the tour.

Previously, the South Africa team manager expressed his concerns about the team’s stay at Manchester Arena. The team was scheduled to stay in the city by the end of the tour. He said the players were uneasy and “there were lot of chatter at the breakfast table.” He was in constant communication from ECB and security manager. He was assured with updated security arrangements. He expects more police on the stadium as well as at hotels and practice sessions. In fact, the hotel where South Africa team is scheduled to stay is just a walking distance away from the blast site.

ECB will provide a liaison officer to remain with the South Africa team throughout their entire tour. Additionally, their own security measures and personals will accompany the team. ICC was also concerned about security issues in Champions Trophy. The Council also put up an official statement. The fixtures are scheduled in London, Birmingham, and Cardiff.

Moosajee condemned the attack as “abhorrent and despicable.” He said, as sportsperson, they cannot let such incidence held them captive. Per the manager, world events and tours will become impossible if such fears are allowed. Further, he said the system should be trusted and also the people.


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