Smith hopes for responsible comeback to International Cricket after ban

 . Last updated on July 3, 2018, 10:24 AM
Smith hopes for responsible comeback to International Cricket after ban
Australia Captain Steven Smith will not appeal against CA sanctions and ban.

In a recent press meet Aussie captain Steven Smith accepted the impositions against him. Cricket Australia slapped the top cricketers with a 12-month ban from all forms of international cricket as well as domestic. After these 12 months, he will be barred from captainship for another 12 months in the team. The former captain of Australia is ousted for his involvement in the latest ball-tempering fray that caught international cricket fraternity in a fury. Smith confessed and admitted his fault saying he would give anything to leave the stain behind and to “be back representing” Australia.

Steven Smith disclosed that he would not challenge the sanctions as he took full responsibility as the captain. He said the sanctions are “been imposed by CA to send a strong message” and he has accepted them. Now Smith is banned until two months from domestic and international match schedules ahead of the next World Cup in 2019. This would mean a good gap in Australia’s form for the tournament. Furthermore, David Warner is also dropped, caught in the same tussle. Australian Cricketers’ Association earlier stood beside the accused players stating the ban as “disproportionate”. The Association also pleaded Cricket Australia to reduce the punishment.

Cricket Australia was subjected to immense pressure from both the cricket fraternity and those from outside the circuit to take culpable steps against the players. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull made a strong public statement while appealing CA to act against the cricketers. CA wanted the punishment to be a reminder for cricketers in international cricket schedule.

The incident unfolded on a rough note when batsman Cameron Bancroft was caught hiding a tape under his pants in the Cape Town Test match against South Africa. In the evening meet, Steven Smith and the player tried to mislead public by confessing about their misdeed with wrong information. Later on, it was disclosed that vice-captain David Warner was the mastermind of the plot, while Smith tried to cover it up. Warner confessed his involvement publicly expressing strong words to describe his own emotions.


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