Smith does not want to miss Ashes over Pay disputes

 . Last updated on May 29, 2017, 2:34 PM
Smith does not want to miss Ashes over Pay disputes
Aussie captain Steven Smith wants the dispute to settle as soon as possible.

While, Australian players, including vice-captain David Warner are quite discontent on recent happenings surrounding pay dispute, captain Smith found out a palpable way. Per Smith, winning Champions Trophy will be a strong bargaining chip for Australia players in the payment tussle. The skipper is optimistic and is aligned with the opinion that disputes will not hamper Australian cricket and the team’s participation in the game at any cost. Earlier, warner said player might even boycott the Ashes series, but Smith is confident on his team to play the series without any issues.

At the latest, Cricket Australia considered the proposed mediation talks with Player’s Association. It was rejected earlier, but both the parties, especially CA, are interested to find a mutually acceptable solution. Alastair Nicholson, James Sutherland and Pat Howard will meet in London to discuss the issue further. Smith’s argument is simply yet powerful. Per the captain, winning the Champions Trophy will simply make the winning side heavier to negotiate and the Player’s association is expected to have a better say if they win. It was in the first training camp of Australia for Champions Trophy, where the captain expressed his opinions.

Smith did what he could do the best for his team as a captain. He boosted the morale of the team with an incentive that comes through a victory. He is focused on the tournament and definitely wants his players to do the same. He said the team is “sticking really strong together.” Per the captain it is about focusing on the tournament and making it sure that the team is “entirely switch on.” However, there are still persistent doubts over CA’s next stance.

Smith said, the players support the Association and is optimistic about Cricket Australia. The situation went astray when James Sutherland gave out a blunt message to players, which was almost a threat. Smith said, he “certainly don’t think” of missing Ashes. He added, “it is just about making sure the guys finalize the deal.”


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