Shankar still “disappointed” on Nidahas T20 International match blues

 . Last updated on July 3, 2018, 12:37 PM
Shankar still “disappointed” on Nidahas T20 International match blues
Vijay Shankar expressed disappointments over his game in the final match of Nidahas Tournament.

In the recently concluded grand finale of Nidahas Trophy, India batsman Vijay Shankar had to face a hard time. Had it not been Dinesh Karthik to win the match, the blame would all have been to Shankar, for losing it. Primarily a bowler he was somehow misplaced in T20 International match promoted ahead of Karthik. He was trying to find big shots but was losing it every time. The worst was in the 18th over, when he handed out four dot balls to Mustafizur Rahman. It was when the match went off India’s hand and the asking rate soared to above 15 runs per over for concluding two.

In a recent press meet, Vijay Shankar bluntly accepted that he is “still disappointed about the five misses”. He was also disappointed that he “couldn’t finish”. However, Shankar still hammered an imperative boundary in the final over, despite being under immense pressure. It was not such that he faced Rahman for the first time. The players faced off earlier in IPL matches. Shankar said, he prepared tough to face such moment, but he was more disappointed because he failed to deliver when it was needed the most. The India player admitted that it is a “different thing” to see Rahman in nets and face in the match.

Shankar knocked 17 runs playing 19 balls in the final couple of overs. He took an excellent three wickets in the earlier inning and was also awarded Player of the Match in a previous fixture. He is now a player for Delhi Daredevils for IPL. For his misfit inning, he became a subject of troll in popular social media, but he did not face any blues in the dressing room. He said everyone patted him on back and consoled him back in the dressing room. He admitted that most players said, he was not the first to go through such experience.


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