Shami’s Grade B contract stalled under allegation of domestic violence

 . Last updated on July 4, 2018, 2:14 PM
Shami’s Grade B contract stalled under allegation of domestic violence
Mohammed Shami was to be awarded Grade B contract, which comes with a yearly pay of INR 3 Cr.

In the moment when Mohammed Shami’s cricketing career started to change with flying color, a personal issue of the player struck the wrong notes. Recently, the fast bowler was entangled in a family affair accused of adultery and domestic violence by his spouse. Ahead of the allegation, BCCI decided to offer Shami a Grade B contract. However, the decision is stalled as he might be under legal obligations. Shami’s wife Hasin Jahan accused the cricketer of domestic violence and adultery on social media. She also approached the police after disclosing the issue. In response, Shami tweeted that the allegations are rather a conspiracy to defame him and are absolutely false. The bowler said, it is a plot to affect his game.

Currently, BCCI has halted the procedure of offering Grade B contract to Shami and is waiting for legal authorities to make a judgement. Per chairman of Committee of Administrators, Vinod Rai, at this point of time it would be unappropriated to reward the cricketer as some might point out that the “allegation is an unsavory one”. Rai said the Board is now in a “Catch 22” position. The chairman added, although the allegation is personal issue and the contract is a professional one, the decision of board might be questioned and appear as controversial.

 At present, Mohammed Shami is playing Deodhar Trophy in Dharamshala. A Grade B contract comes with a remuneration of INR 3 Cr. Per Rai, the complicacy should be handled by BCCI ombudsman. But the designation is current vacant after AP Shah ended his term in September 2016. The CoA have forwarded a six-named list for the new post; however, BCCI’s decision is still pending.

Meanwhile, the Kolkata police has already started a case against the fast bowler under IPC. The case is recorded under a written complaint of his wife. Apart from the player, charges are also against four of his family members.

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