Selection woes in ECB, Off-spinner Jack Leach surprised over his exclusion

 . Last updated on December 22, 2016, 10:28 AM
Selection woes in ECB, Off-spinner Jack Leach surprised over his exclusion
Jack Leach has been a top bowler in County Cricket.

Off late, the selection board of England have come up to questions over selection of players. The odds came out after Jack Leach was made known that he was not in the recently concluded India England series due to legality of his bowling action. His debarment, however, was not the actual issue, but the fact that the player was not even informed about his bowling action came up as a contrasting quandary. The left arm spinner was, in fact, shocked when he came to know the reason of his exclusion.

As confirmed by the England Cricket Board, the issue with the bowler was raised during a routine testing. The Test was held in the National Academy in Loughborough. Before the test, the bowler notched 65 wickets at 21 Country Championships without a single report in bowling issues and his action. No umpire ever reported concerns over the legality of his action. Apart from this, the Somerset Club, with which the player is associated, reported that the issue was a minor one. The club also confirmed that they would bet for the player as a replacement for Zafar Ansari. However, Liam Dawson was called in, instead of him.

Leach was routed to UAE, to play with England Lions. Reportedly, he went through remedial works on his bowling action while playing. In the tournament, the bowler had 3 wickets for 7 runs against UAE and 2 wickets for 25 runs against Afghanistan. He is selected to tour Sri Lanka with the international squad of his country. Previously, there was not a single issue being pointed out on the concerns over Leach. Surprisingly, other issues were pointed out, while the bowler was sparred. He said that he worked with Peter Such and Jason Kerr playing with Somerset and improved his action. He confirmed that there has been changes in his bowling action and he have "made a hell lot of progress."

Jack Leach, after the UAE, tournament, feels like a better bowler. He said that he would sort out any issue, if they arrive in the future. He said the concern was only a very small thing in terms of his body position and had no impact in his bowling. The lead spin bowling coach from ECB also corroborated that Leach worked hard to improve his action. The slight modification, according to the coach, made a big difference with significant progress in the bowler.


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