SC bars N Srinivasan and Niranjan Shah from BCCI meeting

 . Last updated on July 25, 2017, 12:09 PM
SC bars N Srinivasan and Niranjan Shah from BCCI meeting
N Srinivasan is the former BCCI president and former ICC Chairman.

It is being a couple of weeks since the CoA, Committee of Administrators, complained Supreme Court against persons attending BCCI meetings and ‘disrupting’ smooth execution of Lodha’s recommendation. As a reply, the apex court of India barred N Srinivasan and Niranjan Shah from attending BCCI meetings. The order was released on Monday, July 24. These BCCI ex-officials are restrained from attending the Special General Meeting of BCCI, which is scheduled on July 26. Per the order, BCCI SGMs are attended only by office bearers of the state cricket associations. Srinivasan and Shah currently represent no state associations and hence barred from attending the meeting.

However, in the SC hearing Srinivasan alleged the CoA of not letting him talk. He also alleged that the CoA is presenting unsubstantiated and incomplete facts. In an earlier report by the CoA, it was conveyed to the apex court that both Srinivasan and Shah has ‘vested interest’ in disrupting BCCI SGM. The report also stated that the 26th July SGM was disruptive, which was supposedly the result of these two ex-officials influencing the decision. The report clearly mentioned the SGM was attended by “various persons disqualified from being office bearers.” Per the CoA, these persons are stalling the implementation of Lodha Panel’s recommendation.

After the June SGM, BCCI release the same set of issues in implementing the Lodha recommendation it did before a year. This includes the one-state, one vote policy and number of members in the selection committee. Meanwhile, Srinivasan’s advocate Kapil Sibal asked if the CoA has the credibility to ask BCCI “not to nominate any particular person.” He argued if it is possible for a single person to influence 18 state association. He said there are “serious problems” in implementing the SC judgement. His question is straight, why is Srinivasan is targeted while being a nominated member of the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association.


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