Satya Nadella bets on brining Mixed-Reality Technology into Cricket

 . Last updated on October 11, 2017, 2:20 PM
Satya Nadella bets on brining Mixed-Reality Technology into Cricket
The India born CEO of Microsoft spoke about his obsession with cricket.

Satya Nadella, in a recent interaction with media opened about his "obsession" with cricket. The CEO of Global IT giant Microsoft has his roots in Hyderabad, India. He said, cricket is an obsession for South Asians and he grew up with the game. He also added, he even played under "amazing captains" and he thinks about the game "everyday". Nadella remembers his cricket lessons from the "dusty fields of Deccan plateau" even during his work.

As he moved to the US, chasing a career, he missed the era of Sachin Tendulkar. Still, he thanked technologies that enabled to enjoy him. The Microsoft CEO might be looking into the emergent technology requirement of the game. Cricket is turning to modern equipment and technology like DRS.

In fact, in recent times, a lot of aspect of the game became endowed with technology. Nadella said, digital enhancement should not be considered as the replacement of actual things. His point was clear on enhancing the engagement level in the game using technology. The techie is contemplating on the use of new technologies like Virtual Reality in the game. Per the CEO, VR offers the impetus and inspiration to go and see physical reality. He said, it "would be fun" to experience Lord's pitch in his backyard.

Microsoft recently ventured into the concept of "mixed-reality" headsets. Microsoft partnered with Samsung for the same. He put up the example of Real Madrid stating that the technology is transforming the way fans experience a game in the stadium. He said, the technology can find a good application in cricket as well. Microsoft wants fans to enjoy the game with full fidelity along with the augmentation. He said, the technology will offer much better option to people than just staring at their phones.

Nadella accoladed Cricket Australia's initiative in brining digital technology into the game. The Microsoft CEO was "pretty stunned" to see their technology use. He was impressed by the digitization of records, which helps players to improve their performance.


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