Sakshi Dhoni - MS Dhoni's wife is living a fairytalelike life

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Sakshi Dhoni - MS Dhoni's wife is living a fairytalelike life

Sakshi Dhoni, MS Dhoni’s wife is a as cool as her husband. She is a stylish lady and a lovely mother with gorgeous attitude.

Celebrities get slammed on internet often and it is their prowess to bear social media trolls that makes them cooler. Recently, Sakshi Dhoni, wife of former India captain MS Dhoni, faced a similar situation for wearing a special designer lehenga at one of her friend’s wedding. Although some users found her dress inappropriate, there were also many who supported the celebrity wife for her choice and of course, for freedom of women. Still, the way Sakshi handled the situation without a word or a sense of antagonism proved that she did really learn a lot from MS Dhoni, the famous ‘Captain Cool’. Also, recently, when her husband was celebrating his 37th birthday, Sakshi corroborated that she “learn a lot” from her soulmate in 10 years of their marriage. This is how the glamorous story of this celebrity wife is unfolding so far.

Sakshi Dhoni is enjoying her splendid motherhood now. The couple is parenting their daughter Ziva, who is not only a center of attraction for them, but also for millions of their fans. In a recent talk, the cricketer even said that the cute munchkin is his “stress-buster”. All thanks to the better-half of the player.

Sakshi has been the prime support for the player both at stadiums and at home. She is seen cheering each shot of MS Dhoni in domestic tournaments like IPL. In IPL, she is an ardent supporter of Chennai Super Kings, the team that hosted the batsman as the captain. Earlier, the cricketer’s wife was also dragged in a controversy related to match-fixing, but it was proven as baseless.

Shakshi Dhoni and Anushka Sharma were schoolmates in Lekhapani of Assam.

Shakshi Dhoni and Anushka Sharma were schoolmates in Lekhapani of Assam.

MS Dhoni’s wife-her early life and education

The gorgeous lady was born as Sakshi Singh Rawat in Lekhapani of Assam. Her father, RK Singh was based in Tinsukia, a tea producing district of the state. He was working with ‘Binaguri Tea Company’ as a senior employee. Sakshi was born on November 19 of 1988. She has two siblings, Akshay, her brother and Abhilasha, her sister. Their mother is Sheila Singh, the homemaker. She had her early schooling in Lekhapani. Anushka Sharma, top Bollywood actress and spouse of current Indian Skipper Virat Kohli, was also in the same school. After her primary schooling, the family moved to Dehradun, where her grandfather was working as a divisional forest officer. She continued her mid schooling at Welham Girl’s School in Dehradun.

After some years, her family again moved to Ranchi. This was where they shared a common campus with MS Dhoni’s, with both of their fathers working at MECON. In here, young Sakshi and Dhoni used to go to the same school, DAV Jawahar Vidya Mandir of Ranchi. In those times, they only knew each other and Dhoni was busy with badminton and football, playing as a young champion. Furthermore, she was junior to the young sportster. After some years, Shakshi’s family again moved back to Dehradun and the they parted away. After schooling, she studied hotel management at Institute of Hotel Management, Aurangabad. Her internship was at Taj Bengal Hotel of Kolkata, where fate again brought her face to face with her future husband.

 Sakshi was known as a reserved and moony person among his friends.

Sakshi was known as a reserved and moony person among his friends.

The affair and marriage

Year 2007, it was the last day of Sakshi’s internship at Taj Bengal, where the hotel organized a farewell party. Coincidently, team India was also staying at the hotel for a match at Eden Gardens. As the team was a frequent visitor at the hotel, MS Dhoni, the than captain, grew a friendly relationship with Yudhajit Dutta, the manager of the hotel. Dutta invited Dhoni to the farewell party and it was when he met Sakshi for the second time. Dutta introduced them to each other and they parted away after the event.

However, MS Dhoni, latter collected Sakshi’s number from Dutta and texted her. Sakshi at first thought that it was a prank by her friends. She was known as a reserved and a moony person who watched romantic movies like ‘Twilight’ for more than seven times. When she realized that fact that it was actually MS Dhoni himself, she was awestruck. Eventually, Sakshi started dating the cricketer by the next year. She also attended his birthday and gradually she came into limelight as the girlfriend of one of the most eligible bachelors of India. Dhoni could only give little time to his relationship being busy at cricket schedules, but they never missed a chance to date. Finally, after three years, they were engaged at a hotel in Dehradun. The wedding followed shortly and Sakshi became the better half of the famous cricketer.

Sakshi has been a charm to Dhoni’s life. After their marriage, the player wreaked several records including winning the ICC World Cups. Ziva was born in February of 2015, starting the parenting life for the star couple. Sakshi is a private person and she does not have much interaction with the media. She avoids paparazzi and but she is active on social media. It is known that she is so found of cooking that she carries an electric cooker whenever she has to fly abroad with her husband. Being a celebrity wife Sakshi Dhoni has a huge fan base. She is now the prime pillar of MS Dhoni’s life.


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