Anjali Tendulkar - the woman behind Sachin’s success

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Anjali Tendulkar - the woman behind Sachin’s success

Sachin Tendulkar’s wife Anjali Tendulkar is a doctor by profession

Although a doctor by profession, Anjali Tendulkar is more famous as the wife of a superstar. Her influence on Sachin Tendulkar’s life and career is substantial to make the cricketer who he is today. Although, only a little is known about her, in contrast to every record Sachin marked on stadiums, she is a strong role model aligning with the saying; ‘behind every successful man, there’s a woman’. When the legendary batsman was bidding bye to cricket fraternity with his hearty speech, he did not forget to thank Anjali for her support in each decision of sacrifice he made. He declared it clearly; it was only her support, for which, he could give his fullest in cricket. The greatest sacrifice for her husband was giving away her own career as a doctor and devote her life, look after their children and home.

Born as Anjali Mehta, Sachin’s Wife is from a very rich and influential family of Mumbai

Born as Anjali Mehta, Sachin’s Wife is from a very rich and influential family of Mumbai

Anjali Tendulkar- school, family & home

Born on November 10, 1967, Anjali Tendulkar’s age is now 51. She was raised in an old and beautiful bungalow in Mumbai as Anjali Mehta. She grew up in a palatial house at 75 Bhulabhai Desai Road. Her schooling from Bombay International School and she studied medicine at Grant Medical College. After finishing studies, she worked at JJ Hospital as a pediatrician. Since her early days, she was interested in philanthropic works. Anjali Mehta is from a very rich and influential family of Mumbai. She is the daughter of Anand Mehta and Annabel Mehta. The Gujarati family has been prominent in business since before independence. They have mansions and estates in several locations in Mumbai. The bungalow opposite to the American Consulate on Warden Road is from her great-grandfather. Also, their family has been living in a 130 years old mansion in Lonavla since many generations. Anjali Tendulkar was born with a silver spoon.

Anjali Tendulkar’s mother is a British National and a philanthropist

Mr. Mehta is a well-known business and industrialist from Gujarat, but based in Mumbai. His wife, Annabel Mehta is British origin. They met each other, while both were students at London School of Economics. While Mr. Mehta went on to become an industrialist, Annabel Mehta started an NGO named Apnalaya. It is this trait of social work, which is clearly apparent on Anjali Tendulkar. Apnalaya is now more than a 40 years old venture working on health, education and women empowerment in Mumbai.

Anjali and Sachin first saw each other at Mumbai airport

Anjali and Sachin first saw each other at Mumbai airport

Love at first sight - Anjali Tendulkar’s love story and marriage

With all these riches, Anjali met Sachin in a rather different situation. It happened at Mumbai International Airport when they first saw each other. Anjali was waiting to receive her mother, while the Indian cricket team was returning from an international Test tour. Surprisingly, she did not even recognize Sachin, despite the latter’s fame. Sachin was back from South Africa knocking his maiden Test century, just starting to take of in his career as a batsman. Anjali was not that interested in cricket as she was completely from a different profession. However, when something good have to happen, no reasons are needed. Seeing the team and everyone applauding them, she too started shouting and waving at Sachin.

In an interview, she revealed about their interesting affair; a classy love story from early 90s. Per Anjali, they were destined to meet. Even earlier to their first meeting, her father asked her to meet Sachin, the ‘wonder boy’, while he was playing in England. Sachin was only 15 years old in the time and Anjali too was not that interested in meeting him. But all this, changed when she saw him at the airport after two years. She was so attracted to his “cute looks” that she even forgot about her mother, whom she went to pick.

She said that the 17 years old Sachin was so embarrassed that he did even look at her when she was running after him, shouting “…Sachin, Sachin.” Later, she disclosed, she might have felt for his ‘cute looks’ if she had seen him even before two years! After this airport incident, Anjali found Sachin’s phone number and called his home. Luckily, when he picked up, she asked what color she was wearing at the airport. To this, Sachin replied correctly, “pink T-shirt”.

Interesting incidences and the first movie

It was the start of their love story. They began to exchange letters and talk via phone. Sachin was mostly on tour across the globe and they could hardly meet. Once, when Sachin was at home, she visited him as a surprise. His parents did not know about their relationship and Anjali disguised herself as a journalist. In that incident, Sachin was very nervous as his family was rather strict, being a conservative Maharashtrian family. Still, his mother saw him handing a chocolate to Anjali. In another incident, she forced Sachin to watch the movie ‘Roja’ with her. It was the first movie they watched together.

Sachin and Anjali has two children; Sara Tendulkar and Arjun Tendulkar

Sachin and Anjali has two children; Sara Tendulkar and Arjun Tendulkar

Marriage and Childern

Finally, after four years since their first meeting, they got engaged in 1994, in New Zealand. In the following year, 1995, May 24, they tied the nuptial knot. Anjali and Sachin had their first child, Sara, on 1997. After, two years, they had Arjun, their son.

Sara Tendulkar, is growing up to be a charming and chubby young girl. Although, some Bollywood celebrities were reported to be waiting for her to debut in movies, Sachin denied that news as rumor. She was a student at Dhirubhai Ambani International School and wants to concentrate on her studies. Now, she is in College of London University, busy in higher studies. She looks more like her mother with a height of 5.4 feet. Arjun Tendulkar, on the other hand, is growing up to be a cricketer like his father. He is already playing as an Under 19 player.

Anjali Tendulkar, being the sole leader at home, spends a little time in public. She is not that active on social media. Even if she did not attend most of Sachin’s live matches, she could do nothing when her husband was on crease. She never used to eat, drink, talk on phone, reply to messages and even not going to washroom whenever Sachin batted. This is her level of dedication towards her husband apart from making him free to play endlessly, taking the responsibility of home and kids herself.

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