Ruling the Under-World, India U19's Triumphant Milestones

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Ruling the Under-World, India U19's Triumphant Milestones

The Under 19 cricket team of India has emerged as one of the most successful teams in the world of young cricketers. The team was formally initiated in 1981, younger than that of England, Australia and West Indies. Most of the Young Teams are formed after 80s while news teams are adding up to the bandwagon after 2000s as well.

India has played 206 ODI since 1981, which is almost similar to Australia's 107. There are also countries like England and New Zealand who has played more matches than India, but none has a winning rate as high as the team. India has won a total of 158 matches of 206 with 77.69% victory rate. It is the highest, followed by Bangladesh who won 144 of 182 matches. Australia has attained 60% total matches winning 122 of 207. England's U19 team that has played the highest number of matches, 273, has won only 112 ODIs.

The Young Indian team clinched a number of victories by greatest margins attaining a grand feat of success. In Under 19 world cup 2004 Group C match, the team defeated Scotland by a humongous 270 runs. Shikhar Dhawan scored an unbeaten 155 out of 138 balls in the first inning, hauling India's score to 425. In the next streak, Scotland team could only chase till 155. In the season, India attained many such feats against new teams. However, the winner of the World Cup was Australia in the year.

Under 19 India has been the top consecutive winner of ODI matches. This is among the rarefied heights any team has ever achieved. The stretch begun back in September 2015 when it defeated Australia by 4 wickets. The victory was followed by 13 other wins, the last of which was the hefty victory of 234 runs against England at Colombo in 15 February 2006.

From year 2007 to 2009, India won 24 consecutive matches. It is the longest victory streak by any team in cricket history. The next streak was from February 2014 to the last U19 World Cup winning 15 consecutive ODI matches. The victory streak started with the ICCA match in Dubai against Sri Lanka that culminated into a victory of 76 runs. The team continued its triumphant stand till the last Under 19 World Cup 2016 Semifinal win against the same team, Sri Lanka, at Dhaka.

The World Cup Group match against Scotland at Dhaka had another unique feat for the team. India's score in the match was 425 off 3 wickets posing an almost unbeatable challenge to Scotland. It is the second highest score in a single inning by any Under 19 team in limited over matches. The run rate attained was 8.5 and eventually India notched one of its most enthralling wins.

The team is presently coached by one of the top successful cricketers, Rahul Dravid. Under his guidance, the Junior Cricket Team has not lost a single match. However, the bowling enigma is emerging as a derelict aspect in the younger team as well. The Under 19 squad has produced some of the top players for the senior ODI team including Virat Kohli and Shikhar Dhawan. The current teen players of the team will also eventually land on the senior's arena soon. Hence, the crew should focus on producing bowlers as it has tamed the fiercest batsman in Under 19 World.


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