Royal Challengers to challenge Super Kings scale up on IPL 2018-point charts

 . Last updated on July 2, 2018, 1:06 PM
Royal Challengers to challenge Super Kings scale up on IPL 2018-point charts
Kohlis record is better than that of Dhoni’s, but it certainly does not imply an easy game.

Chennai Super Kings is among the most consistent IPL teams in previous seasons. So far in the tournament’s history, they have the record of playing six final fixtures, even if Mumbai Indians remained on top. Meanwhile, Royal Challengers Bangalore emerged as the most favorite team at their home ground, at least to the crowd, if not to games. In the matches between CSK and RCB so far, the former has axed the latter even at their home ground. Chennai’s stardom remained unblemished in the current season as well. On IPL 2018-point charts, the team scaled 8 of 10 points. In contrast, Royals Challengers have been playing without any change to their lethargy.

Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers are the only strikers in team Bangalore so far. Other players, especially on the batting line-up, are yet to show up strong strikes. But Super Kings batsmen showed up excellent forms at matches they played this season. It is always one of the other player to salvage the side on score fronts. Although, the team has strong bowlers, the batting side emerged heavier. Bangalore’s batsmen are unable to partake in Kohli’s enterprise, such that, even his high scores are going in vain. He along with de Villiers nicked the two matches they marked in this tournament. On others, they lost, because what the duo did was simply not enough without contribution from rest of the lineup.

Bowling prowess has been limited in both CSK and RCB. The pitch at Bangalore is expected to be a slow one and the first team to bat would have little advantage compared to the second. The home team would not make any changes into the squad as the current combination proved sturdier. Chennai Super Kings will boost their bowling attack brining back Imran Tahir and this would mean heightened pressure for Bangalore. Kohli’s IPL record against CSK surpasses that of Dhoni’s against RCB. In his 19 innings, the captain aggregated 706 runs bettering that of Dhoni’s 608 off 22 innings. Still, Kohli would expecting the pressure in Bangalore.

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