Rohit Sharma: The Making of a Monster Batsman

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Rohit Sharma: The Making of a Monster Batsman
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Rohit Sharma made his debut in ODI cricket in the year 2007 at the match between Ireland and India. He however did not bat as he was the seventh on the batting line. The match was won by India with the first three smashers Ganguly, Tendulkar and Gambhir. He was however, the person to catch out O' Brain on a delivery by RP Singh. It was least expected that the twenty years old neophyte will notch the position of the opener for the Team years creating new milestones in the history of Cricket

Rohit Sharma emerged as one of the hard hitters from team India whose wicket is a natural prize for top bowlers around the world. The batsman does not seem to discriminate if the bowler is a devious spinner or a mischievous pacers when he have to smash the ball to the far gallery towards cheering audience. This might be the reason of his greater number of Sixes in ODI than tough players like Virat Kohli despite their higher number of appearances.

Sharma has played a total of 148 ODIs till date accumulating 5008 runs. The player has notched down maximum number of runs against the fiercest cricketers, the Aussies to a tally of 1143. His score of 171 runs is also against Australia, through which the player achieved in the last ODI series. He has played around 26 matches against the team so far. His first confrontation with Australia was in 2008 where he managed 29 runs of 43 balls. Although his instances with the team was on the brighter side for most of the times, he went out for a duck back in 2012 at the Commonwealth Series.

During the early years of his career he was a middle order batsman. It was only in 2013 at the match against Australia that he was put as the opening batsman. The series was a turning point of his batting strength as he scored two centuries, including the rare score of 209 on the third ODI. He created a record as it was the third double century in ODI history. Adding more to his achievements, he broke his own record in the match against Sri Lanka in 2014. His highest score of 264 runs off 173, is also the top individual score by any batsmen in ODI format at Eden Garden. In 2015 World Cup, the batsman was the second highest run scorer for India.

Rohit Sharma played 44 T20 International matches. In international T20 matches he has notched down 867 runs so far with the highest score of 106. His top score in T20 was against the Protease team in October 2015. His strike on T20 matches is fierce with 32 Sixes and 45 Fours. The batsman has been one of the most devastating players on India's front. He has emerged as the batsman who is respected by pacers as well as spinners. Although his total run of 6771 is still to augment into five digit numbers on the likes of Sachin Tendulkar, his extreme pace is sure to align his score with them. The exceptional aspect about his batting is his performance does not fickle. He is capable to maintain a regular score throughout a series striking a high run rate in every match. This proves that pitch quality, teams, types of bowlers and balls does not affect his stance to shatter on the pitch and the monster would chomp them as long as he is on the field.


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