Reeva Solanki - Wife of Ravinder Jadeja is a dashing personality

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Reeva Solanki - Wife of Ravinder Jadeja is a dashing personality

Reeva Solanki married Ravindra Jadeja in 2016. She is the daughter of a prominent businessman

Reeva Singh Solanki became the life-long partner of Ravindra Jadeja on April 17, 2016. The only daughter of a rich businessman, she became a celebrity after marrying the top allrounder in cricket. She was born as Rivaba Solanki in 1991, at Rajkot, Gujarat. She has a strong family background with good influence in politics as well as business. Her father, Hardevsingh Solanki, is a millionaire businessman based in Rajkot. Prafullaba Solanki, her mother, works with Indian Railways. Reeva’s uncle Harisingh Solanki, is a prominent political leader. Her family lives in Sarita Vihar Society located in Pandit Road of the city.

Reeva graduated in mechanical engineering from an institute in her home town. Before marrying Jadeja, she enrolled in a Civil Service Examination coaching institute but dropped the preparation for UPSC afterwards.

Reeva and Ravindra knew each other since childhood. Their family were close and she is the childhood friend of the player’s sister, Naina Jadeja. They were married during the IPL 9 season in 2016. He missed the IPL match against Mumbai Indians on that day. They were engaged at Jadeja’s own restaurant named Jaddu’s Food Field. Before marriage, Ravindra Jadeja gifted an expensive Audi Q7 to Reeva’s father. The car costed around 10 million.

 Reportedly, in Jadeja’s marriage, his horse was scared as bullets were fired in air as a marriage tradition

Reportedly, in Jadeja’s marriage, his horse was scared as bullets were fired in air as a marriage tradition

Several celebrities attended their marriage which was held in a posh location by the Kalvad Road of Rajkot. The grand wedding was celebrated for three days. Apart from this, another customary wedding ceremony was also held at Radeja’s home in Jamnagar. I was attended by his close friends and relatives.

In June, 2017, the couple was blessed with a baby girl. Naming her as Nidhyana, the cricketer twitted his photo with the newborn; calling her, “our bundle of joy and little princess.” In an interview he disclosed about a “special feeling”, which he started realizing after spending more time with her baby daughter. He disclosed that he was getting more attached to her after time.

In the interview he said, “It was a special feeling. I don’t realize anything now but as I spend more time with the baby, then I will get more attached.” The allrounder added, “It is a good thing for me and everyone in the family are very happy.” The player described, “Sometimes when I go home, I get bored. So now, I have a toy to play with… it will be a good time pass for me…”

Ravindra found Reeva “to be the right kind of girl”, he has been “looking for”. The cricketer said, she is someone who can understand him. Reeva is seen cheering her husband from the stands in matches she can watch him playing live. Although she had no particular interest in cricket before, she began to enjoy the sport after marrying the all-rounder. Reeva disclosed that she enjoys cricket only when her husband is bowling or batting. The couple is seen most of the times together in any events.

 Reeva Solanki and Ravindra Jadeja were blessed with a baby girl in 2017

Reeva Solanki and Ravindra Jadeja were blessed with a baby girl in 2017

In a recent incident in May 2018, Reeva Solanki was through a road fray in Jamnagar. She was driving with her mother-in-law, when she accidentally hit a motorbike of a police constable. People witnessing the incident reported that the constable assaulted Reeva physically in the after-altercation. The incident gained a huge traction on social media condemning the policeman, who even pulled her hair. Latter, the rowdy constable was detained, arrested and strict action was taken against him. Earlier in another incident at Gir forest, Jadeja got down from the Safari Jeep with Reeva to take a selfie with a white lion on the background. This brought him a fine of 20,000 for breaking the sanctuary rules.

Reeva’s entry into Ravindra’s life had a good impact on his career. After the marriage, he found himself in the primary XI of India’s World T20 team as well as the Asia Cup. Jadeja emerged with major prominence becoming the top Test bowler as well as allrounder. He is still one of top players in ICC Rankings along with his team mate Ravichandran Ashwin. Jadeja is known for his funny character and he is one of the jolliest persons in team India.

Reeva Solanki, being a daughter of a rich businessman and a celebrity wife of a sportster, is now a happy mother. She is taking the control of her husband’s personal life as the latter progresses further as a substantial cricketer.

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